Video of Sotloff beheading might be staged by Rita Katz: Pundit

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Rita Katz says that her organization released the beheading of Stephen Sotloff video ‘before ISIS had a chance to’ – ” we actually had that video beforehand and were able to beat them (ISIS) with the release ”

According to Jim W Dean, senior editor with Veterans today ” Rita Katz is a long time MOSSAD front operation, which for years… her group manufactured the fake Bin Laden tapes, which really became a joke before they did the orchestrated killing of, well, whoever they killed in Pakistan.” 

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean about the West’s direct support for the ISIL terrorist group slaughtering Syrians and their response to the recent killings of Western journalists.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

“Press TV: Are you on the verge of another invasion by American troops to Iraq?

Dean: No, I’m afraid this has been really exaggerated. We have a lot of folks out there that don’t like what America has done in the region and they have very good reasons for that; but they are kind of grasping… they are so angry that they try to grasp at anything that comes along that’s going to bash America, but America’s not, they have no need to because Iraq has a huge army.

All we’re looking at and all really Iraq wants is of course American tax payers to pay for things; and they want airstrikes because they don’t really have much of an air force.

Our fighters they don’t really like to engage in hand to hand combat. When the Americans were there in Iraq they had the helicopters, they had the bombers and they had the aircraft carriers and it was always nice to sit back and watch the planes and the helicopters take out enemy positions and then the troops could just go in to clean up.

So, what you have here is America trying to not get involved in this as much as possible. And the troops that are going in now are just support, communications, and logistics people to try to help the Iraqi army do a better job than they are.

Press TV: Why do you think it took until now to get the type of reaction that we’re getting (from the Americans)?

We know that since the whole situation deteriorated in Syria with the heinous crimes that have been committed there, there wasn’t a whole lot of action there was some condemnation of Damascus itself.

But the militants that had come in from all over the world – that even now the United States is admitting that they’re from all over the world – basically nothing was done, they looked the other way, Western leaders in general.

However, now as we have seen a couple of very disturbing videos of Western journalists being killed we are getting an over-reaction. And the reality of it is that in the last three years we have seen unbelievable images coming from Syria and Iraq – even eating the organs of a human being… so, why now? What exactly is going on in your perspective here?

Dean: We are suspicious.

As an American I obviously have to be embarrassed. My country has participated in the slaughter of over 170,000 Syrians. A lot of them have died horrible deaths at the hands of US and Western-backed insurgents… and we don’t have any politicians jumping off of bridges or buildings out of shame here in the US.

So I really can’t buy their crocodile tears when a couple of journalists – whom they’re not really in love with – get killed.

And also we’re very suspicious about this last one because Rita Katz is a long time MOSSAD front operation, which for years… her group manufactured the fake Bin Laden tapes, which really became a joke before they did the orchestrated killing of, well, whoever they killed in Pakistan.

And we just can’t believe that they would roll her out again as a source of information when she has the least credibility of anybody in the world. And this person that they‘re talking about (decapitated) is an American? He’s not. He’s an Israeli and he served in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

Anybody who is an Israeli and was serving in the IDF… how he got into Syria? The Syrian government never would have let him in. So, we think he may have gotten in through Turkey.

We’re very suspicious that this may even be another one of Rita Kat’z staged video events.”

Listen to interview with Jim W. Dean at Press TV


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