Video: Pair of Parrots Save Themselves From Burning Home By Yelling

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Two Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots saved their own lives because they could mimic the voices of humans so well. When the house they lived in was on fire, they screamed “help!” and “fire!” so loud that firefighters thought more people were trapped inside.  The parrot couple were both saved, thanks to their massive intelligence.

Geo Beats News reports:

Firefighters heard the cries and, believing that an elderly woman was trapped inside, called for backup and entered the home once the blaze had been rendered manageable.
Initially, their search came up empty, but upon enlisting the help of thermal imaging devices they found the source of the pleas for help.
The female parrot that was sending out the distress calls was seen sitting on a table.
Rescue personnel also located a male parrot that appeared to be more of the silent type.
Both were removed from the home and required a bit of medical attention.

After being given oxygen, they appeared to be fine.
The female bird, in fact, was well enough to start being chatty again and started to mimic the sounds of the sirens.
No people were discovered in the home, and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

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