Video: Surface Of Pluto More Diverse Than Previously Thought

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NASA and it’s spacecraft New Horizons are very close to Pluto, and have begun sending back images which show that Pluto is larger and with a surface much more diverse than previously thought.

Update: A signal received from the New Horizons spacecraft shows that it has survived its historic encounter with Pluto. The spacecraft passed by Pluto and its five moons at 7.49am EDT (12.49 BST/9.49pm AEST) on Tuesday. It spent the following eight hours continuing to collect data and images, before sending out its signal home.

According to Geo Beats News [1]:

Pluto continues to emerge as a geologically diverse celestial body, and the mysteries surrounding many of its features are closer to being solved.
One peculiarity receiving a great deal of attention has been ‘the whale’, a region shaped like its namesake and is markedly different than others surrounding it.

Photos taken by New Horizons from 3.3 million miles of the dwarf planet on July 9th suggest it could be an expanse of flat land.
The composition of the mottled gray area near its tail has also become more evident, revealing it houses a complex arrangement of forms.
Said one of the researchers, “It’s a unique transition region with a lot of dynamic processes interacting, which makes it of particular scientific interest.”

Images taken on July 11th indicate a number of other intriguing geological traits found on Pluto.
They include linear arrangements that may be cliffs, and circular formations believed to be impact craters.
New Horizons is expected to reach its destination point on July 14th.




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  1. fake fake fake:: how much more are we too believe these lies about being out their!! When i 1st heard about the Apollo moon landings being fake i laughed at the person telling me, but after a while of th inking about it, it made sense. !st of all on the appollo moon landings the astronauts appeared too be drugged , and disoriented, then when they found structures strangely appearing too be man made, and , then the kicker, NO STARS IN THE BACKGROUND !!!,.lol come on!!! The moon has no atmosphere, and as such has no obstructions too inhibit starlight!! Their should have been millions of stars shinning!! Now , recently i bought the National Geographic episodes on our solar system , and our Galaxy, and poW!! , on ce again NO FREAKING STARS!!!, and whats more interesting is that the artists renderings seem m ore real than the supposed real photos!! I dont believe it for a moment, and ive been hearing that NASA is actually taking photos in Canada for the Mars mission!! I dont doubt it for a mo ment!! Im sick and tired of their lies!!!

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