Elderly Villager Fights Abu Sayyaf Terrorist In His Backyard

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Abu Sayyaf group threatens to kill hostages

A 70-year-old Filipino man almost captured and killed an ISIS-linked terrorist in his backyard single-handedly while his neighbors ran for their lives.Terrorist

The Daily Caller reports:

Lolo Peryong, 70, was cleaning his backyard when Abu Ubayda, a member of the Abu Sayyaf militant group, walked onto his property in Barangay Lawis in Calape with an M16 assault rifle, the Philippine News Agency reported, citing the testimony of Capt. Jojo Mascariňas, an intelligence officer with the armed forces.

Abu Sayyaf has sworn allegiance to ISIS and carries a similar black flag.

Peryong’s neighbors fled, but he stood his ground. He attacked the terrorist with a bolo, a kind of large single-edged knife used in the Philippines. Ubayda parried the attacks, at one point taking the weapon from the old man, but even unarmed, Peryong continued his assault, engaging the fighter in hand-to-hand combat.

Ubayda stabbed the septuagenarian and probably would have killed him, but before he had the opportunity, Philippine soldiers arrived and shot the terrorist. He was the last of an 11-man militant group that invaded Bohol.

Peryong’s wounds were not fatal. He was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his fight. PNA, a state news agency, praised the elderly man for his bravery.

The Philippine armed forces are fighting against several armed Islamic insurgencies. Several of the groups are loyal to ISIS and aim to build a caliphate in the southern Philippines. Many soldiers and civilians have been killed in sporadic battles.

An intense and deadly firefight has been raging for three days in the southern city of Marawi, where a botched attempt to capture or kill Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon turned into a battle with Abu Sayyaf fighters, as well as Maute Group reinforcements. Maute is also a militant organization with ties to ISIS.

The militants took control of the city, raising their black standard above government buildings. From there, they proceeded to take hostages, behead the police chief, slaughter civilians, and torch churches and schools.

The military is in the process of liberating the city.

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