Virus Kills Mother Serving 30 Days In Jail For Missing Child Support

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A Michigan woman has died from a virus infection while serving 30 days in Macomb County Jail for falling behind on her child support payments.

37-year-old Jennifer Meyers pleaded for help until she died while being virtually ignored by guards, a lawsuit charges.

virus NY Daily News reports:

Jennifer Meyers passed away from a slow-moving virus 12 days into her sentence at Macomb County Jail in 2013.

Even though other prisoners noticed something was wrong, guards and medical personnel did not see what was happening to Meyers, witnesses said in video statements obtained by Click on Detroit.

“It looked like she had just gotten out of the shower and she was sweating so bad,” one witness said, according to the station.

In the final few days Meyers “was literally laying in bed, cuddled up like this, not even able to move,” the station reported.

Meyers pleaded for assistance in her final days, but no help came, according to the lawsuit and the TV station.

Macomb County is also being sued over the death of 32-year-old inmate David Stojcevski in 2014. He died in a hospital following a 17-day stay in jail.

“In these cases, the authorities had several days to remedy the medical condition, and simply failed to do so,” lawyer Harold Perakis, who is representing the families of Meyers and Stojcevski, told the Daily News on Tuesday.


The jail and the public healthcare company Correct Care Solutions believe “they are above the law,” Perakis said.virus


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