Research Suggests ‘Long Covid’ Could Be Mask-Induced Exhaustion Syndrome

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The latest study out of the UK confirms what dozens of others already have….that masks are next to useless for stopping the virus and may actially be causing long term side effects.

UK government meta analysis found no real-world evidence that face masks protected those at highest risk of severe COVID, while a UK hospital study found that wearing masks made “no discernible difference”. The infection rate remained unchanged even when the mandate was removed

But worse, according to a Swiss peer-reviewed study, “mask-induced exhaustion-syndrome” resembles the symptoms of long covid.

A “systematic review” in the peer-reviewed Swiss journal Frontiers in Public Health suggested that surgical and N95-grade masks might induce symptoms misidentified as biologically elusive “long COVID”

Unfortunately, despite new research showing possible long-term side effects and zero benefit to mask-wearing, it is still being enforced upon many health care workers and many others are just too afraid to stop wearing them.

Meanwhile billions and billions of discarded masks are filling up land fills and polluting the ocean..

InfoWars reports: The time has come to ban it with the same ferocity and unwavering commitment with which it was forced upon us.

To this day, three years into this immoral, illogical, and inhumane policy, health care settings in red states are still forcing workers and often patients in distress to wear the pagan burka. Now a new study from London shows the masks made absolutely no difference in hospital settings where we were told wearing them was the difference between life and death. 

The U.K. Daily Mail reports that researchers from St George’s Hospital found absolutely no “statistically significant change” in the hospital-acquired COVID infection rate between the period of time when a mask mandate was in place vs. when it was relaxed. During the first phase of the study – from December 4, 2021 to June 2022 – all workers and visitors in the hospital had to wear masks everywhere. From June through September 2022, there was no mandate, except for “high-risk” wards, such as cancer treatment and ICUs. 

The results? Given that rape victims were mercilessly forced to mask, we should have expected an unmistakable death count in phase two. Instead, there was no difference in infection rates observed in either phase. Moreover, those in high-risk wards – which served as the control group – “found no immediate or delayed change in infection rate,” aka no benefit whatsoever. 

Those of us with critical thinking skills knew from day one, as well as our government, based on 10 randomized controlled trials of the flu, knew that masks never worked. But this one clearly demonstrates that the holy grail of masking in hospitals is a farce. People in pain or suffering from cancer, Alzheimer’s, or other acute illness who have to utilize health care on a regular basis are the most pained by this disgusting mandate. The time has come to permanently ban these mandates. 

In many respects, masking mirrors the “all pain, no gain” outcome of the COVID shots in that it is precisely the most vulnerable people who are the most susceptible to harms from masking. Another study measuring a broad array of symptoms from masking found a massive statistically significant increase in side effects from long-term masking – the sort of symptoms you would not want to induce upon acutely ill patients. German researchers published a meta-analysis of 2,168 studies on adverse medical mask effects – the largest in its kind – and the findings across a diverse array of studies and surveys are appalling but predictable. 

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