John Kerry Calls For Urgent Coordinated Depopulation: ‘Humans Are Greatest Threat To Earth’

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Biden’s Climate czar John Kerry has declared that the global elite must get their house in order by depopulating the world to meet the UN’s Agenda 2030 climate goals because “humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.”

According to Kerry, who addressed the Scottish Global Dialogues about the so-called “climate crisis”, the future of humanity is “hanging in the balance” because of “overpopulation” and the global population must be reduced to ensure a better quality of life for those who deserve to continue living on Earth.

Those who refuse to accept the strict new rules imposed on humanity by globalist elites including Klaus Schwab and the United Nations are “threatening humanity” and do not deserve to continue living on earth, said Kerry.

“Despite a vast array of empirical facts beyond any shadow of reasonable doubt, despite thousands of scientists’ lifetime work accumulating hard data, and without a single piece of peer-reviewed, documentation to the contrary, we are again witnessing another moment in which the persuasive force of evidence and with it, Earth’s future hangs in the balance.”

Kerry also took the opportunity to smear anybody who questions the so-called “settled science” of climate change as an “extremist” and member of a cult.

“All because some extremist political voices, holdout nations, and vastly vested interests have declared war on facts and science, said Kerry.

“All because they distort for political or personal gain what science and common sense dictate we humans must do to put our house in order,” he continued. “They incite a movement against what they falsely label ‘climate change fanaticism,’ as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a cult is the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie.

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“While they refuse to accept the facts behind the increasingly obvious damages of the climate crisis, they lash out at the truth-tellers and label indisputable evidence as hysteria.”

Kerry finished his speech by criticizing ordinary people who are not attracted to living in a future dominated by Klaus Schwab and his cronies and their dystopian vision.

“They [climate change skeptics] compound the already difficult challenge of the climate crisis by promising to do more of exactly what created the crisis in the first place.”

Kerry then underscored his globalist anti-human agenda by declaring: “So now, humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.” Watch:

Kerry’s comments invoked The Club of Rome’s infamous 1991 publication which perversely claimed “the common enemy of humanity is man.”

The book published by the globalist think-tank Club of Rome in 1991 was titled “The First Global Revolution.” It followed up the earlier 1972 depopulation report from the Club of Rome titled “The Limits to Growth.”

“The Limits to Growth” was co-authored by World Economic Forum (WEF) agenda architect Dennis Meadows. Meadows has called for an 86% reduction in the global population in order to allegedly “fight climate change.”

In it, President Emeritus of the Club of Rome Alexander King and Secretary General Bertrand Schneider described the world’s problems, as they saw it, and an approach to a possible solution.

Topics covered by the book included “the need for the world to convert from a military to a civil economy, the recognition of the disastrous short-term effects of exploitation by First World countries of Third World poverty and need, and the containment of global warming: the need to reduce global emissions of carbon dioxide, to encourage reforestation, to conserve traditional forms of energy and develop alternatives.”

Most importantly, the book declared “global warming” as the new pretext to wage war on humanity.

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