VP Harris to Teens: “Keep Having Fun and Keep Aborting Those Babies”

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VP Harris tells preteen girls to keep having sex and keep having abortions

Vice President Kamala Harris has urged up-and-coming young voters to “keep having fun” and “get abortions” as and when they need them.

In an unhinged interview with Teen Vogue, VP Harris says she feels passionately about providing teenage girls with abortion-on-demand.

Harris spoke with the outlet via phone after giving a Dobbs anniversary speech in North Carolina on Saturday, where she slammed the end of Roe v. Wade and called pro-life conservatives “extremists.”

“You are leaders by virtue of the fact that you are reading this. And I’m counting on you because your voice and your perspective is so important to the future of our country,” Harris said, speaking directly to the teenage audience watching.

“And one of the significant ways you will express your voice is with your vote, your ability to organize, [and] your ability to remind each other that you are leaders and can help lead the direction of our country.”

Breitbart.com reports: Harris emphasized to Teen Vogue’s audience of teenagers that “young people who are able to vote have the power to actually change the composition of the Congress,” something Harris hopes could lead to Democrats eventually passing federal legislation codifying abortion access. The vice president pointed to pro-abortion successes she contends were driven by young voters in states like Kansas and California during the 2022 midterms.

Harris further encouraged Teen Vogue’s young readers to have “conversations” with their friends about “what’s at stake when you vote” and to use their social media accounts to promote abortion.

“Also, use your voice through your social media to remind people who are going through struggles, maybe unwanted pregnancies, to know that they are not alone and that there’s help available to them,” she said.

Harris continued, “I think it’s so important that when we know somebody who is going through a difficult time and a personal challenge, that we remind them they’re not alone and that we’re not going to judge them, but we are going to support them.”

Kamala Harris is notably leading the Biden administration’s abortion agenda going into her 2024 reelection bid with President Joe Biden. In May, Harris convened with 14 women from across the abortion industry and other groups to allegedly ask for their advice on how the White House can spread its pro-abortion message across the United States ahead of 2024 so that it “doesn’t get stuck in the D.C. echo chamber,” Axios reported

Harris is also set to be the beneficiary of a $10 million-plus campaign from EMILY’s List, the nation’s largest pro-abortion PAC whose goal is to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to public office.

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