WEF Insider Admits ‘Disease X’ Will Be Final Solution To Depopulate 6 Billion Souls 

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The World Economic Forum starts this week in Davos where Klaus Schwab and his unelected bureaucrats will give center stage to a virus that the elite are warning will kill twenty times more people than Covid.

The World Economic Forum starts this week in Davos where Klaus Schwab and his unelected bureaucrats will give center stage to a virus that the elite are warning will kill twenty times more people than Covid.

The WEF and the Bill Gates funded World Health Organization are joining forces to prime “Disease X” in their final push for the Pandemic Treaty which will strip the nations of the world of their sovereignty and officially sign then up to the New World Order’s global government.

For those who have been paying attention, the emergence of Disease X closely mirrors the shadowy origins of the Covid plandemic, with Bill Gates and the WHO holding tabletop exercises, the mainstream media disseminating fake news, and Klaus Schwab pontificating about casualties.

The similarities are so uncanny that we have to stop and ask, is Disease X the “pandemic that will get everyone’s attention” that Bill Gates and his ex-wife gleefully warned us about?

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Whenever the global elite, world leaders, unelected global bodies, and mainstream media begin singing from the same hymn sheet, we must tread very carefully, analyze everything they are saying, and call them out on their fearmongering and lies.

Remember, the promulgation of fear is a control tactic designed to terrify the sheep into submission.

Of course, Western WEF-infiltrated governments are fully on board with the roll out. In moves that mirror Fauci’s deadly gain-of-function experiments, Britain’s highly secure Porton Down facility, which specializes in chemical and biological warfare, is said to be experimenting with “Disease X.”

Here is the BBC with a classic example of fake news fearmongering.

How is it even possible there is already a vaccine for “Disease X”?

For those on Team Reality, the fact they are working on a vaccine for Disease X in a chemical and biological weapons lab should tell you all you need to know. And the fact the government-funded BBC was allowed access to this top-secret facility makes clear that this news report is nothing more than fake news propaganda carefully crafted to mislead the masses.

Additional preparations for “Disease X” have also taken place thanks to funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which helped the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations to invest millions in a startup with Jurata Thin Film Inc. to create under-the-tongue vaccine wafers for needle-free vaccines. 

CEPI’s mission is to fund the development of “rapid response platforms to develop vaccines against ‘Disease X’ and develop mRNA vaccines that can be given to children and the unaware like candy.

Now they have the vaccine, they can roll out the virus. Make no mistake, plans have been in the works for years.

How do we know? Because as usual, the elite told us about their intentions in advance. It’s called Revelation of the Method, a dark occult practice in which the elite subliminally broadcast their plans to humanity and then take the lack of resistance to be implied consent.

The global elite have been meticulous in their planning for the rollout of Disease X.

We all know that COVID had a rehearsal within the tabletop exercise named Event 201 Pandemic Exercise. The exercise was conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF) back in 2019.

Unsurprisingly, “Disease X” has also been rehearsed, this time at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security which hosted the Clade X pandemic tabletop exercise on May 15, 2018, in Washington, DC.

At the Clade X event, the US National Security Advisor (NSA) assembled a team of top advisors to discuss the mysterious illness which they say will emerge first in Germany and Venezuela, leading to a massive loss of life in just 36 hours and economic collapse.

If “Disease X” is making absolutely no sense to you at all – then congratulations, you are in good company. Anyone who survived the Covid pandemic and came out the other side with their critical reasoning skills intact is thinking the exact same thing you are.

But with great knowledge comes great responsibility. As the people who have seen through the agenda of the elite, we have the responsibility to ensure they are held to account for their crimes.

The elite understand that we are living in critical times and now they are making their move. According to the WEF, the public must cease and desist questioning what we are being told by the experts. Yes, the same experts who got everything completely, spectacularly 100 percent wrong during the Covid pandemic.

According to the WEF, if you dare to question the experts, this means you are a so-called “conspiracy theorist,” which they are now claiming is worse than being a terrorist.

That’s right. Anybody who promotes a “different perception of reality” or questions the authority of “experts” should be considered “more dangerous” than a terrorist in 2024.

The global elite really are flexing their muscles in preparation for a high stakes lunge at the humanity’s throat.

The WEF has been a proponent of the WHO’s pandemic treaty, with the goal of obtaining a “legally binding agreement” between the U.N. health agency’s 194 member countries.

A World Health Organization (WHO) whistleblower has warned that the global pandemic treaty is a ploy by the globalists to abolish national sovereignty and replace it with a One World Government.

Biden has already confirmed plans to sign the treaty, handing over US sovereignty and allowing the global elite to call the shots in America.

Bill Gates’ dream of death panels and euthanasia labs on every street corner is becoming a reality in Klaus Schwab’s model society, the People’s Republic of China.

Preparing for the roll out of Disease X, the Chinese are assembling fleets of mobile crematoriums to incinerate bodies on street corners, as the world population, already heavily depopulated by Covid vaccines, is driven down even further.

Three years ago a video circulated where we heard billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates describe his “final solution” for humanity.

Given what we learned from the Covid plandemic, we can assume that the preparations for Disease X have been completed over the last few years since at least 2018 and Clade X, and Bill Gates is currently excited to see his “final solution” come to fruition.

Are you going to join the fight against the global elite’s plan for total global domination?

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