WHO Insider Caught Admitting ‘One World Government’ Is ‘Months Away’

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The World Health Organization has emerged as the United Nations' weapon of choice to seize global control as the organization launches a two-pronged attempt to create the foundation for a One World Government of unelected globalists.

The World Health Organization has emerged as the United Nations’ weapon of choice to seize global control as the organization launches a two-pronged attempt to create the foundation for a One World Government of unelected globalists.

Secret negotiations took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss proposed amendments to WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR), considered a binding instrument of international law. Similar negotiations took place last month for drafting a new WHO pandemic treaty.

And according to one WHO insider, the globalist organization is just months away from creating a functional One World Government with treaty rights that supersede the laws of member states, including the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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Now, ask yourself how Klaus Schwab’s organization, WEF, and Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and Big Pharma’s organization, WHO, got the word “world” in their name. The only organization on a world level is the United Nations. As it name implies, it is an organization of sovereign nations. The nations speak, not the world, much less a private organization like the WEF and a privately funded organization like WHO.  

And for the record, the biggest funder of the WHO, when you add the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI Alliance, is Bill Gates, the world’s unelected health czar.

These globalists have already pulled a fast one on us by appropriating a name that suggests that two private organizations – the WHO and the WEF – speak for the world. Both of these organizations are in the process of acquiring this private authority over humanity.

The WEF has been at it for 53 years, and the WHO since 1948 when it was founded by Rockefeller. In this current year, the WHO has a big push underway to acquire authority over the health policies of every country. If the WHO succeeds, this privately funded organization will be independent of governments and have no political accountability to people. 

The same organization who lied and deceived with its assurance that the Covid jab was “safe and effective” is grasping for the power to impose worldwide, including the United States, whatever biosurveillance diktat it wishes. 

What type of permanent biosurveillance capacities is the WHO seeking?

◦ The authority to allocate health products worldwide

◦ The authority to develop regulatory guidelines for the fast-tracking of health products

◦ The capacity to “counter the dissemination of false and unreliable information” about public health events and pandemic countermeasures

◦ The authority to develop a global health database to enable the implementation of vaccine passports

Are you happy with this?  

Both the WEF and WHO operate by inventing threats and controlling their explanations, such as human-caused global warming and pandemics, the solution to which is the centralization of power and erosion of national sovereignty and accountability to the people.  

Here is a highly symbolic photo shared by WHO chief Tedros, featuring the hindu deity Shiva, a favorite of the elite, also known as “The Destroyer”. Through destruction, Shiva enables profound transformation. This goes in hand with the elite’s favorite motto: Order Out of Chaos.

And here is a telling fact: There’s also a prominent statue of Shiva at CERN.

If you want to understand what kind of World Government the WHO is determined to usher in, it makes sense to look at the last few years.

The WHO has handled the Covid pandemic in a very specific manner. Specifically, every single decision they made was destructive and had entirely negative consequences for humanity.

When the virus was solely contained in China, the WHO denounced governments that were looking to restrict travel originating from China. Despite every ounce of common sense, the WHO claimed that restricting travel would not be effective against the spreading of the virus.

Once the virus spread across the world, the WHO then pushed for the most restrictive and oppressive confinement policies in human history, causing a massive crash of the economy and a complete reshaping of society.

Then, true to their roots as a Rockefeller organization, the WHO set about blocking any treatment of Covid that didn’t involve having toxic mRNA injected into your arm.

And the WHO has enormous power over the world media.

Including social media and Youtube, who were completely controlled by the WHO during the pandemic.

In this unhealthy environment, the WHO strived and went for massive power grabs that are continuing to this day. In conjunction with the World Economic Forum, the organization is now pushing for the creation of high-tech police states while insisting that everybody continue taking the vaccine and endless boosters, despite clear evidence they don’t work and are causing immeasurable harm.

And the mainstream media is shamelessly promoting their cause, attempting to brainwash the sheeple into accepting Big Brother and the New World Order. Here are some magazine covers and headlines that explicitly use the manufactured threat of Covid to enable Big Brother.

Here a French magazine says “Can Big Brother Save Us?”

In the UK it was even more explicit. Here is a mind boggling headline from the Times.

And in Quebec, they were also cheering on Big Brother and begging the globalist elite to take away their rights and freedoms.

Considering the fact that Bill Gates is the current top funder of the WHO and that he is also part of ID2020 – which is advocating for using vaccines to create a digital ID using a tattoo or a microchip – we can clearly see that the true agenda of the WHO is to usher in a One World Government modeled on Chinese authoritarian tactics.

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