Whoopi Goldberg MELTS DOWN Over Aldean Song, Says BLM Rioters Were ‘Taking Care of Their Towns’

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Whoopi Goldberg demands gun owners are jailed

Black Lives Matter protesters who caused billions of dollars worth of damage to private property in cities and towns across America were not engaged in mindless acts of violence and destruction, according to Whoopi Goldberg, but instead were “taking care of the people in their towns.”

During her regular apperance on The View Thursday, Goldberg suffered a meltdown while discussing country music star Jason Aldean’s hit anti-crime song “Try That in a Small Town.”

Aldean’s song references the soaring crime and violent rioting that has been seen in Democrat cities across America in recent years.

The song’s lyrics note that the same behavior isn’t tolerated in “a small town” because people have more respect for law and order – and each other.

However, according to Goldberg, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were only “taking care” of “their towns” when they looted and destroyed local businesses and burned their communities to the ground. Watch:

“He’s talking about people taking care of each other, and I find it so interesting that it never occurred to Jason or the writers that that’s what these folks were doing,” Goldberg asserted.

“They were taking care of the people in their town because they didn’t like what they saw, just like you’re talking about people taking care of each other in small towns.

The video for Aldean’s song, which has been declared “racist” by the mainstream media, features real news footage of the violent Black Lives Matter/Antifa-led rioting of 2020.

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Despite the song’s pro-peace-and-safety message, the establishment has launched a cancel campaign and falsely accused Aldean of “promoting violence” and writing a “lynching song.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin followed Goldberg, noting that there were two sides to the issue.

She then suggested that the lyrics remind her of white people chasing down black people in the streets.

Sunny Hostin weighed in a bit later, saying that she could not give Aldean the benefit of the doubt because she had visited Macon, Georgia, his hometown.

Hostin smeared the town and the good people of Macon as “racist.”

“It is one of the most racist places in this country,” she said.

“Don’t tell me that he knew nothing about what that imagery meant and what he – so I don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.”

She went on to say that when she heard the song, she thought of times and places when black people were not safe after sundown.

“We have a problem in this country about race and the biggest problem is, we refuse to admit that it exists!” she complained.

Joy Behar then weighed in, bringing her own personal brand of insanity to the conversation, and claimed that Aldean is racist for the fact he thinks small towns and big cities are different with regard to their values.

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