Why Is Canada Experiencing A Massive Spike Of UFO Sightings?

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Residents in the city of Quebec, Canada, have reported an unusual rise in UFO sightings recently. 

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Ufology Research, a huge number of Canadians reported weird skyward spheres, blinding lights in the firmament, and bright orbs that rapidly appear and disappear in the sky.

According to the Toronto Sun:

The Winnipeg group’s annual report calls Canada “a nation rich in storytelling,” but stresses that studying reports of sightings means combining witness accounts with the search for “objective truth.”

Is it something man-made? Is it a figment of one’s imagination? Is it driven by contemporary culture’s storytelling about strange celestial sightings? Or could it be, the report asks, “another form of life we cannot begin to understand?”

Quebec accounted for 35% of all reported sightings in Canada last year — a big spike for a province sitting between 5% and 15% in previous years.

“We wish we knew exactly what is going on,” said Ufology Research’s Chris Rutkowski. “There is some suggestion that maybe the media were a little more interested in UFO sightings, that maybe there was a media push in Quebec last year that resulted in more people looking up into the sky.”

UFO Sightings

There were 1,267 reported sightings in Canada last year, the second-highest total in three decades, the report says.

As for cities, there were 97 reports in Montreal, followed by 78 in Toronto and 69 in Vancouver. Edmonton was a distant fourth with just 36 sightings.

Over the years, most sightings have occurred between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. Last year, they lasted an average of 16 minutes. The most common descriptions from survey respondents were “starlike” objects, distant lights, and “simple lights in the sky.” The year with the most UFO reports was 2012, with 1,981. It also happened to be the year when the Mayan calendar predicted the world would end.

The report says sightings of “Hollywood-style flying saucers are, in reality, relatively uncommon in UFO reports.”

But they do exist.

In May 2015, a “metallic sphere descended from high in the sky” in Drummondville, Que., and came close enough for the witness to see “the reflection of the ground on its surface,” the report says.

A month before that, a witness in Brantford claims to have spotted a “large object that was a cross between a boomerang and egg” above the tree line. It displayed “flashing white lights … and two stripes of blue light running … along its underbelly.”

The report suggests some possible explanations for the sightings spike: more secret military flights, it’s easier to report sightings, and the lousy economy led “to an increased desire by some people to look skyward for assistance.”

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Here’s a breakdown of the UFO sightings reported in Canada last year:

Starlike objects/distant lights: 572

Ball/globe/sphere: 228

Irregular (i.e. hexagonal) or amorphous: 226

Fireball: 48

Disk/saucer: 45

Triangle: 44

Oval/egg-shaped: 28

Rectangle: 13

Boomerang/crescent: 10

Diamond: 4

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