WikiLeaks: Clinton Using Fake Polling Data To Trick Trump

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WikiLeaks have confirmed that the Clinton campaign use bogus polling figures to convince Trump he is losing badly.

WikiLeaks have confirmed what many suspected all along – the Clinton campaign use bogus polling figures to convince their opponents they are losing badly, discouraging them from campaigning and voting in large numbers.

This well-worn Clinton campaign tactic continues to this day, as “weighted” and “adjusted” polls are released in an attempt to demoralize Trump support.

WikiLeaks have released clear proof that the Clinton machine used this tactic against Bernie Sanders in the primaries.

Real Clear Politics released a “weighted” and “adjusted” poll that had Clinton 21 points up heading into the Michigan primary. The Clinton campaign pushed the narrative that they had it won, but behind the scenes they knew it was actually a very close race.

Democrat Michigan primary

However Democrats knew the poll was hugely misleading and only used for propaganda purposes. In private emails they reminded each other not to pay attention to the polls.

Podesta false polls

In fact, the Clinton campaign actually ordered lackeys to produce misleading polling figures using “oversampling.”

WikiLeaks oversampling

Not a single poll had Clinton leading Sanders by anything less than 5 points in the months before the primary. And what happened? Sanders beat her 50 percent to 48 percent.

The news is particularly important considering mainstream media are today announcing a 12 point poll lead for Clinton. 12 points sounds insurmountable. But is this a legitimate indication of the state of play in America right now?

Cast your mind back to the 21 point lead Clinton supposedly held over Sanders in Michigan. You want to bet the Clinton campaign aren’t up to their old tricks right now?

Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.

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