WikiLeaks Obtains CIA Chiefs Hacked Emails & Plan To Publish Them

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WikiLeaks said on Wednesday that they have come into possession of the contents of CIA chief John Brennan’s email account.

The whistle-blowing organization added that they plan to release them “shortly.”

This comes just two days after federal officials said that they were looking into reports that Brennan’s personal AOL email account had been hacked.

RT reports:

Earlier this week, an American teenage hacker with pro-Palestinian views claimed that he had broken into the personal email accounts of US top security officials, CIA director Brennan’s among them.

Some of Brennan’s alleged documents have been posted on Twitter, with edited parts of them reportedly made public by the hacker under the username “cracka.” Apart from the CIA chief’s email, the teenager claimed to have gained access to Brennan’s personal AOL account, which contained the official’s own application for top security clearance. The FBI and Secret Service said they were investigating the situation.

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