Worldcoin CEO Admits “Global ID Will Be Rolled Out – Whether You Like It or Not”

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Worldcoin CEO admits global ID will be mandatory for all of humanity in the near future

Worldcoin CEO Sam Altman has admitted that the global elite will soon rollout a mandatory global ID for all citizens – whether they like it or not.

According to Altman, everyone who wants to use the internet in the very near future will eventually be required to use World ID – or “something like it.”

And right now, people in several southern European countries, notably Spain and Portugal, are desperate to give away their iris biometrics as proof of identity and right to a cryptocurrency transfer wallet. reports: The signup process involves exposing your eyes to what’s known as Worldcoin’s Orb iris scanners. If reports are to be believed, the uptake in Spain, where the scheme first became available a year ago, is better than elsewhere – 150,000 participants in total, 20,000 new ones each day, and Barcelona is the place where a number of Orb scanners will be installed.

Portugal is not far behind, with 120,000 participants, and Germany is said to also be warming up to the project, ever since it started expanding two months ago.

All in all, some 2 million “biometric credentials” are now operated by Worldcoin. Why do people sign up for it?

“Something like World ID will eventually exist, meaning that you will need to verify [you are human] on the internet, whether you like it or not,” Blania said.

“Whether you like it or not” are the “sweet” words everyone does (not) like to hear in connections with something like that, but that is what Worldcoin CEO Alex Blania decided to go for when describing the future.

In it, according to Blania, digital ID will be so prevalent that it will become inevitable, and there will be no escaping verifying the quality of being human (and likely, quite a few more things) online – if one wants to be online at all.

And whether one “likes it or not.” Blania links it to “progress” in “AI,” and predicts this will be happening as soon as within a couple of years.

Remember when you thought CAPTCHA were bad for your privacy, and for the way they effectively outsource your labor? Well now CAPTCHA’s are apparently considered outdated, as new iterations of “AI” is showing us the way to the brave new world.

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