World’s First Vaccine For Honey Bees Approved In US

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The US has approved use of the world’s first vaccine for honey bees.

Earlier this year, biotech company in Georgia received conditional approval for the vaccine from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The vaccine was engineered to prevent fatalities from American foulbrood disease, a bacterial condition which is known to weaken colonies by attacking bee larvae.

As pollinators, bees play a crucial role in many aspects of the ecosystem.

Are vaccines really the answer?

What’s the worst that could happen?

BBC reports: The vaccine could serve as a “breakthrough in protecting honey bees”, Dalan Animal Health CEO Annette Kleiser said in a statement.

It works by introducing inactive bacteria into the royal jelly fed to the queen, whose larvae then gain immunity.

The US has seen annual reductions in honey bee colonies since 2006, according to the USDA.

The USDA says many, sometimes overlapping, factors threaten honey bee health, including parasites, pests and disease, as well as a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder, which occurs when worker bees abandon a hive and leave behind the queen.

Pollinators such as bees, birds and bats are responsible for about a third of the world’s crop production, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization.

American foulbrood disease poses a challenge for beekeepers as it is highly contagious and has no cure. The only treatment method requires burning the colony of infected bees along with the hives and equipment and treating nearby colonies with antibiotics.

The new vaccine contains inactive bacteria that causes American foulbrood disease, Paenibacillus larvae, according to Dalan Animal health.

The bacteria are incorporated into royal jelly feed given by worker bees to the queen bee, which then ingests the feed and keeps some of the vaccine in her ovaries, according to the biotech firm, which specialises in insect health and immunology.

It says this gives bee larvae immunity to the disease as they hatch and reduces death from the illness.

The new vaccine could mark an “exciting step forward for beekeepers”, California State Beekeepers Association board member Trevor Tauzer said in a statement.


  1. So it has nothing to do with glyphosphates, GMO, pesticides, RF, chemtrail. Makes me wonder how on earth mankind got this far without any pharmaceutical intervention………… vaccine – the answer to all our problems!

  2. The mass murdering fascists want to do the same with the bees as they are doing with the sheeple!

    And we all know why: bc when the bees die, the natural food growing production process stops and the artificial food magicians can take over the food chain and supply to push the world into ‘controlled’ starvation.

    • BTW: It is so much easier to poison the food chain with the vax, then to force the ‘unwilling’ people! Growing resentment against the jab will be opposed by ‘vaxxing’ all we eat and drink. There will be NO ESCAPE from the global genocide!

    • THEY are imported near the crops and are not in their proper setting and they are bee`s that are not seen outside the bee keepers HIVES and in fact wipe out natural bee`s.SO the BOX HIVES&bee keepers have all ready messed up the natural order any way ages ago

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    It’s very curious that both they and Vanguard have totally secret owners.
    Like the Corporation that’s trades under the name of The City of London.

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  4. The nurse bee`s control the hive and eat some of the unborn to control the growth of the bee`s OR the hive would die out

  5. It is all a problem with the Design of the human built BOX hives.The opening of the hive is on the ground whereas it should be near the top as soil contains bacteria.You don`t eat and store your food with bacteria WHY should the bee`s?.Because of bad HIVE design by humans.I build my hives from OLD logs and copper plate them together UPstanding with the door near the top as is seen in their natural setting.

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