YouTube BANS ‘Sound of Freedom’ Clips Due to ‘Discrimination Against MAPs’

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YouTube bans Sound of Freedom clips due to discrimination against MAPs

YouTube has begun censoring content that mentions the anti-child trafficking movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ because it ‘violates community guidelines’ by ‘discriminating against pedophiles.’

Yes, really.

Former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor Shawn Ryan posted screenshots of the backend of his YouTube studio account, showing that a 2 and a half minute preview video of an upcoming interview with the film’s star Jim Caviezel has been removed by the censors at YouTube.

YouTube also declared the content titled ‘Actor Jim Caviezel Unveils Dark Truths Behind The Trafficking Of Children’ as ‘Ineligible’ for monetization. reports: This doesn’t seem to be a one off.

Commentator Luke Rudkowski has also had a strike against his account for posting a review of the film, and has been prevented from uploading any more content.

What is this all about?

As we highlighted last week, Tim Ballard, the real life former government agent who the film is based on, has accused the media of “running interference for pedophiles and human traffickers.”

“Why would you want to lie to push an agenda whose goal is to have children be in captivity? It’s kind of sick,” Ballard urged.

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