Zelensky Says EU Leader Wanted Proof That Bucha Killings Weren’t Staged

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President Zelensky said that a leader of one of the EU member state has called into question Kiev’s version of events surrounding the Bucha killings, and has asked for proof that the atrocities had not been staged.

The Ukarinian President has however, refused to divulge who the politician was

RT reports: Speaking to German newspaper Bild on Friday, Zelensky described how a leading EU politician asked him for evidence proving that the Bucha massacre had not been staged. The remark came after the Bild journalist asked what the worst thing he had heard in recent days was. When the interviewer probed further, asking whether it was the head of state of an EU nation, Zelensky replied in the affirmative, though he refused to name the official. 

Ukraine claims Russian troops committed atrocities against civilians in the town of Bucha northwest of Kiev before retreating last week. Russia has rejected the accusations, and claims Kiev manipulated evidence in what it calls a “provocation.”

Commenting on Berlin’s support for Kiev, the Ukrainian president lamented Germany’s apparent lack of enthusiasm for tougher sanctions against Russia.

Some countries, and Germany is among them, are against an oil and gas embargo,” Zelensky said, adding, however, that he was content that the EU’s fifth round of sanctions “contains the coal and timber embargo.” He also accused Berlin of being overly cautious in its support for Kiev, refusing to provide the country with weapons for some time, and stressing that Ukraine would not become a NATO member state. But, according to Zelensky, “Germany’s rhetoric has changed” over time, despite the country being “conservative and cold.

Asked if he was prepared to sit down with Russian President
Vladimir Putin and talk, Zelensky said, “today Ukraine has no way out other than to sit down at the negotiating table.” He added that “no one else in Russia has the power to stop this war,” as Putin is the only one who “decides when this war will end.


  1. Who assassinated the Russian general in 2014? Whose hiding a murderer. Whose likely to be a liar How many weird things have gone on that we were supposed to believe were Russias fault?

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