Zelensky Says There Will Be No Stability In Europe While Putin Is In Power

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that there can be no stability in Europe until Russian president Vladimir Putin is removed from power.


Zelenskyy, who appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday said: “Yesterday, President Putin said they will win Ukraine in three days, but now it’s seven months. Today, it’s seven months since Russia occupied- tried to occupy Ukraine, but they couldn’t.”

Asked by anchor Margaret Brennan if there could ever be stability in Europe if Vladimir Putin remained in power, Zelenskyy replied “No.”

He then continued, “I don’t have anything to add. My opinion is no. We have observed this over the years, we don’t see stability. Specifically, we see challenges and risks, political, economic, food crises. Obviously, it is not- COVID-19 was not enough for them. COVID took so many lives, caused economic consequences. This is life. Unfortunately, it did take place. However, simultaneously, we see Russia creating, artificially, other kinds of crisis, and they are very openly discussing the threats to the rest of the world. They started threatening us with nuclear weapons. Will the world depend on one country or one person? The world has to make a decision. We have made our decision. We will not depend on one person.”


  1. I hope his decision doesn’t include America taxpayers….but I have a feeling and sadly our government will probably have the same decision as this jerk.

  2. typical jew exactly like the demon jews in pissrael. loot billions off the gentiles ordering them to pay then trying to get the whole world to fight your enemies exactly like israel does with Iran. jukraine a giant israel

  3. Russians are voting and the East and South of Ukraine will be annexed into Russia. Now the fun will start. See how fast the World leaves the Ukraine once the fighting is on Russian soil.

  4. He’s disingenuous There will be no stability until Europe is entirely ruled from one fascist source is what he really means No freedom to disagree will be permitted Everyone must submit to one rule of law.

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