31 Yr Old Music Mogul Jamal Edwards Died Of ‘Sudden Heart Attack’ At Home

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Jamal Edwards

British music mogul and YouTube star Jamal Edwards died of a “sudden heart attack” at the home he shared with his Mother in West London his devastated friends have claimed.

The 31 year old SBTV founder and music entrepreneur died on Sunday morning after DJing the night before.

My London reports: Initially, further details were not made public, but when his mum, Loose Women star Brenda Edwards, confirmed his death, she said it was caused by a “sudden illness”. Jamal’s friend Dwayne, who went to Acton High School with him, has since told MailOnline that the star had suffered a heart attack at his mum’s home in Acton.

Jamal had played a final DJ set at Bubba Oasis, on Upper Street in Angel, on Saturday night. A spokesperson for the bar described him as “a legend, constantly in demand, but he always made time for those who are still trying to make their way, just like us”.

Dwayne told MailOnline : “The details are still not clear but we’ve been told that it was a heart attack. He was out DJing on Saturday night and eventually got home in the early hours of Sunday morning. The family are still trying to come to terms with it all, but we’ve heard that his mum found him in his bedroom and called an ambulance.”

Another friend, Jerry, said Jamal’s death has hit them all “really hard”.

He told MailOnline: “Jamal is a legend in this part of West London, and this has hit us all really hard. For him to go so suddenly in the prime of his life, when he was doing so much is truly shocking.”

In her statement, which was read out live by Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, Jamal’s mother said she is suffering from the “deepest heartache” at the loss of “the centre of our world”.

Brenda said: “It is with the deepest heartache that I confirm that my beautiful son Jamal Edwards passed away yesterday morning after a sudden illness. Myself, his sister Tanisha and the rest of his family and friends are completely devastated.


    • As much as I’d love to immediately attribute that to his death there are other factors with these types of individuals. Many of these celebs and musicians are habitual drug uses and Lord knows this guy could have been coked out of his mind when he was DJing this event. I’d love to see a toxicology report and find out what was in his system.

      That being said FJB and F his shots.

      • Sure. Don’t examine the statistical anomaly of numerous celebs and sportspeople dropping dead and collapsing from cardio problems since they got an experimental gene editing injection. Let’s instead leap to the conclusion the guy was a junkie. Good move brother. How about all these junkies too?

        707 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 446 Dead, After COVID Shot

        https://goodsciencing. com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/

        The list is updated so could be more whenever you see this. All confirmed. No point denying it. They go to great lengths to keep it real.

        • You’re comparing cardiac arrest of athletes to a DJ??? You know nothing about me, nor my stance on the vaccine. I wouldn’t take it if you paid me but what you’re doing is no different than the extreme left does when they do a story about EVERY covid death saying it is killing everybody and the IFR is over 3%, when in fact it is somewhere in the ballpark of .025%. Do better please and get a grip. Yes the vaccine is poison but you cannot do what the liberals did claiming covid was killing everybody.

          • Yeah..but its normal for 31 yr olds to have heart attacks aye.
            I felt what Capt Rabbit was saying , you probably went from musician to black , then made almost an intended freudian slip.
            They made a panic of sniifles and a cough
            But normalized myocardial infarctions,blood clots and strokes.
            But you carry on “bro”

          • It’s not uncommon for habitual drug users and “party boys” to have cardiac events. Cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, meth…all put a lot of strain on the human cardiovascular system. Most of these people in the music/entertainment industry are all druggies and it has ZERO to do with race. Nobody is normalizing anything but you keep that “Tommy Tough Nuts” routine going, seems to be working for you. I also like how you brought race into it…nice touch.

    • Yes I think you just did. Obviously that’s what they want you to say. Pavlovs dog conditioning, at rhe sound of rhe Bell Stimulus conditioned response Brainwashing. You don’t know what he could have died from. .

      • you have to admit, there are a lot of celebrities and professional atheltes and teens dying of heart attacks this year.

        • Combine good health with youth and you’ve got perfect breeding ground for heart disease. People need to pack on some pounds and exercise less. This epidemic of heart disease needs to stop.

      • He died of a heart attack. We know that much. We also know that since he was young and fit, he was in a high risk group for heart attacks and strokes. Just a coincidence of course. A lot of that about.

        https://goodsciencing. com/covid/athletes-suffer-cardiac-arrest-die-after-covid-shot/

    • Ameen. I recommend that rather than awards for everyone we make this a group award? Wait till their all done then erect a monumental Darwin Award trophy and record the names and numbers of all recipients. Kind of like a war memorial. They deserve some sort of recognition for their service.

  1. People can die if heart attacks from caffeine overdose or from accelerated heart from abusing speed. Or blood clots.

    • OR of being too healthy, fit and young! This is the latest heart attack risk. The one thing you can be sure of though. Nobody dies from safe and effective vaccines. Certainly not from blood clots. No sirree.

  2. In such denial about the experimental shots. How many more have you condemned to death by covering for Fauci the animal torturer? You’re son died for nothing as you cover for criminals!

  3. Why can a person be harassed or even fired from their job for not disclosing vaxx status but asking if a person that dies suddenly had taken the Clot Shot is considered taboo and an invasion of privacy??? The times we live in…

  4. A 31 yr old looks in good health, get out here, He was Vaxx’d plus boosters probably. Someone needs to verify his Covid 19 vaccine status.

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