AI Spy Program Launched To Monitor Our Bank Transactions; Block ‘Non-Compliant Users’

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AI spy program launches to spy on users' bank transactions and punish people who are non-compliant

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has launched a new AI spy program that monitors users’ bank transactions and blocks them if the person is deemed ‘non-compliant’.

The BIS project, named Project Icebreaker, aims to create a SWIFT-like bottleneck system that will allow global banks to regulate and homogenize all currencies into a one-world exchange model. This would allow the global elites full power to cut off any nation, company or individual that does not meet certain ideological and obedience standards. reports: Then there is Project Aurora, another BIS project that is perhaps worse than Project Icebreaker in that it utilizes “machine learning,” or artificial intelligence (AI), to monitor money flows all over the world in order to identify flagged patterns indicative of “money laundering.”

According to the BIS, the purpose of the AI-driven spying and surveillance system is to look for money laundering structures protected by “money mules.” In order for it to be able to monitor all global financial transactions in real time, though, corporate banks and governments will need to allow the system to invade people’s private bank accounts.

This “money laundering” excuse to access people’s bank accounts is just that: a lame excuse to expand authoritarianism

Right now, your banking transactions are your own business, other than a few corporate banks that have implemented their own private AI monitoring systems to detect unusual account activities.

With Project Aurora in place, the BIS and its partners would have instant access to anyone’s bank account anywhere in the world, allowing the globalists to target “offenders” with impunity once identified by the AI robots.

“Much like the drug war was used as a rationale in the U.S. and Europe to give governments unfettered access to citizen finances; a power which has since been abused in a number of ways (in some cases accounts can be seized on the mere suspicion of a crime, rather than conviction), Aurora relies on the bogeyman of money laundering to give governments and global banks vast surveillance powers,” warns Zero Hedge.

“The project’s focus on AI is presented as if this will protect individual privacy, but all AI programs serve their makers. Whoever controls the AI also controls who the AI targets.”

It is not some wild conspiracy theory to imagine a future – and a very near future – in which systems like this are fully implemented to the point that people’s personal bank accounts are regularly frozen for a variety of reasons ranging from financial to political. It could become a global social credit scoring nightmare of unbelievable proportions, and very quickly.

“It’s hilarious that the top financial criminals of the world monitor us like we’re the problem,” wrote one person in response to the news.

“We’re laundering their money! Or, er, living,” joked another.

“I just wonder what happens when five minutes after turning on that AI it says ‘Holy ***! Look at all the money Joe Biden is laundering from all these countries!’” responded someone else.

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