American Medical Association Declares That Racism Is A ‘Public Health Threat’

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AMA racism

The American Medical Association (AMA) has voted to recognize racism as an “urgent threat to public health” and have pledged to “actively work on dismantling racist policies and practices in health care.”

The AMA represents tens of thousand of doctors.

The move had left some applauding the decision, while others were left alarmed.

RT reports: The new policy rules, adopted on Monday, are aimed at combating racist policies and practices across all US healthcare, according to a press release on the AMA website.

“The AMA recognizes that racism negatively impacts and exacerbates health inequities among historically marginalized communities,”said Board Member Dr Willarda V. Edwards during a meeting of the AMA’s House of Delegates, adding that, without systemic changes, “the overall health of the nation will suffer.”

Among other things, the association vowed to acknowledge “the harm caused by racism and unconscious bias within medical research,” to encourage medical education curricula to “promote greater understanding” of the topic, and to work to prevent the influence of racism and bias in “health technology innovation.” The AMA also highlighted three forms of racism in health care: “systemic,” “cultural,” and “interpersonal.”

Reaction to the AMA’s decision was predictably polarized on social media, with some cheering the move while others raised their eyebrows in confusion at why it was deemed necessary.

Some commenters complained about what they saw as the politicization of science.

“Do I need to get a yearly checkup for racism? Is there a vaccine yet?” quipped one critic on Twitter.

Others were alarmed by the AMA’s move, speculating that it could outright subvert healthcare, as ‘racism’ would be interpreted differently by each physician.


  1. Democrat-Neocon criminality, lies, violent terrorism, sedition, and lawlessness are a genuine public health threat.

    Merely noticing who is doing all of it is somehow bad for your health, according to an idiotic medical doctor’s political lobby.

  2. Oh, really? Then maybe I’ll quit my black doctor, my female doctors and the several middle eastern doctors I have. I didn’t know they would treat me different because I am white.

  3. ” they’re all in it together ” Who but Drs cover up murders to serve their loyalty ? Who are TOTALLY obedient and compliant but them and lawyers ? They together form the greatest weapon of the timing elites class war and propaganda machine o earth Far more than journalists

  4. Sure does, look at how many whites are killed by blacks and white women raped by blacks each year, when it it going to stop?

  5. Add the AMA to the list of increasingly irrelevant orgs. Do these “White coats” not realize that by pushing Communist healthcare it won’t make them more rich and powerful but instead it will make them State employees who are forced to do whatever the State commands as Health policy? Do they not realize their whole industry will collapse from higher demand, lower supplies? Don’t answer that. Democrats are all fucking retarded no matter what position they have in life.

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