Michelle Obama Lashes Out Over Trump’s Refusal To Concede -‘This Isn’t A Game’

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Michelle Obama

Former first lady Michelle Obama says Donald Trump should respect the results of the election and accept corporate media’s declaration that Joe Biden won

Mrs Obama told President Trump that it is “not a game” and reminded him that “Democracy is so much bigger than anybody’s ego.”

Breitbart reports: In an Instagram post, Obama blasted what she described as “groundless conspiracy theories” regarding the election and called for a “smooth transition of power” from President Donald Trump to Biden.

“Our love of country requires us to respect the results of an election even when we don’t like them or wish it had gone differently—the presidency doesn’t belong to any one individual or any one party,” Obama wrote.

“To pretend that it does, to play along with these groundless conspiracy theories—whether for personal or political gain—is to put our country’s health and security in danger. This isn’t a game,” she added.

Last week, the Associated Press, Fox News, and other corporate news networks crowned Biden the winner of the election as President Trump’s re-election campaign challenges the results in key battleground states such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Former President Barack Obama on Sunday called for President Trump to “think beyond your own ego” and concede the race.

“My advice to President Trump is, if you want at this late stage in the game to be remembered as somebody who put country first, it’s time for you to do the same thing,” Obama said in an interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes.

Over the weekend, President Trump alleged that his race against Biden was a “rigged election,” adding, “I concede NOTHING!”



  1. Why should Trump concede to a bunch of Democrat-Neocon vote fraudsters, victim cult nationalism fascist, and idiotic liars?

  2. Big Mike – nobody wants you; nobody likes you, in spite of your media makeover. Your husband, the Kenyan usurper, ran a treasonous, criminal enterprise. Please go away.

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  4. You’re right. It’s not a game. And while I realize that Biden is likely to be INSTALLED (he was not elected), you and your husband better hope that Trump or anyone else doesn’t have the goods on you because it’s gotten way past the point of normalcy and civility.

  5. STFU you and that piece of human excrement you call a husband, Your both freaks, evil and traitors. And if you really are looking for attention drop that dress or pants and prove your a woman, I bet not.

  6. “This is not Dominion ,HAMMER, or Scorecard The election is run by Homelamd security partnered with deep state ,both controlled totally by the ss ,secret services of Jekyl Island and Hyde Park , ie CIA and englands MI branches, together with Soros Big Tech via an NGO called VOTING WORKS and their software called ARLO .The audits are corrupt .That’s how they play the game The ” democracy ” game .That corrupt Michael who would very likely be in jail if she werent married to their favourite little
    negro boy ,so useful so loyal so devoted ,. cant be trusted to be truthful about anything Not even her gender birth A deceiver .

  7. Nice try sweety. But the evidence is piling up and there is very little chance the Supreme Court will accept your version as a lawyer forced to surrender her licence to practice because of involvement in criminal frauds Michigans Board of Canvassers has just REFUSED to certify the election results If the Stare board does the same then the Republican State legislator will select the electors.!!!

  8. The founder of Dominion has ADMITTED PUBLICLY on video that he can change a million votes .Will be released on Twitter very soon .Sidney Powell number 1 .

  9. Big Mike likes to make threats. Duly noted THUG. Your statements ONLY reveal who you really are. You have ZERO credibility and you and Barry are GOING DOWN. Traitor.

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