Anti-Semitic Antifa Block California Highway and March Towards Israeli Embassy

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Antifa thugs block California highway and march towards Israel embassy in Los Angeles

Far-left anti-semitic thugs from Antifa blocked a highway in California on Saturday as protestors marched towards the Israeli embassy in Los Angeles.

Video footage from Los Angeles shows Antifa members blocking a California Highway Patrol vehicle that was attempting to leave an anti-Israel protest, refusing to move and allow the officer to leave.

After he pushed through the Antifa members, they started chasing the vehicle and another police officer: reports: Soon after the initial video was posted online, two different groups merged and began marching toward the Israeli Embassy in Los Angeles. These anti-Israel protesters are marching through the streets, holding citizens hostage in their cars. Mixed with Antifa, these videos give cause for concern later tonight. LAPD is attempting to keep the peace in the area, but anytime Antifa is involved it becomes chaotic and dangerous.

Antifa continues to join into any event where they can find the ability to start chaos and violence. Our prayers go out to the officers in Los Angeles ahead of what may be a long night ahead.


  1. This is all fitting with Albert Pike’s 1871 letter to Giuepso Mazzini outlining the plan for 3 world wars (both top Luciferian illuminated freemasons). The final world war would be a mutually destructive war between israel and many islamic nations. The rest of the world being divided on these issues amongst other preplanned divisive issues will head into collapse as well with financial, spiritual and moral exhaustion…..then the new world one world order will come out of the ashes setting the stage for Apollyon’s global rule.

  2. I see some black people in the last video; someone should let them know that they are marching in defense a Mohamed, a slave trader who had a black slave killed for stealing a coat, traded 2 black slaves to free 1 white one and said in Quran 3:106 that people with dark skin would not be allowed into heaven. It’s time to put this stuff on leaflets and drop it over crowds like this from cheap drones. They should not be allowed to forget it.

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