Chomsky Bewildered US Masses Allow ACA Slip Through Their Fingers

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American linguistics professor Noam Chomsky believes the American healthcare system to be an “international scandal” which is going to get worse under President-elect Donald Trump.

Chomsky, the distinguished scholar and author of over 100 books, wonders why the American masses are not in revolt as Republicans prepare to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The renowned American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist, Noam Chomsky, foresees a bleak future for the American poor in what they can expect from a for-profit driven US healthcare system.

He says the American masses are second class citizens in corporate America, where money rules and dollar is god.

Chomsky believes that prophets of the money god have a stranglehold over the interpretation of the constitution and it is up to the masses to demand their rights back from corporate elites.

The elites think that the dollar is god personified and has equal or more rights than the average citizen.

Since they carry large wads of the greenbacks in their pockets, they think they rightly own the world they perceive and are astounded when the 99% don’t treat money with the same level of respect, but rather as a means of exchange for the smooth running of society and economy.

Most countries in the world look at the US with open mouths and wonder, is this the richest, most powerful and advanced society in human history? No, it can’t be, they can’t even figure out a healthcare system. They may be rich and strong, but they definitely are not advanced enough to look after their needy, their sick and their old.

The US healthcare system suffers because it has no champion. Its clients suffer needlessly because they believe the money god story told by high priests of the corporate world who work for the elite 1%.

What the elites want to hide from the public is the conspiracy that goes on in the main Wall Street temple, where they extract money from money, showing contempt for the greenback.

Money prefers to circulate in the pockets of healthy entrepreneurs rather than get stuffed and tortured by greedy elites and their dishonest priests.

The new president could print loads of the stuff and give it away to stimulate the economy and also provide free healthcare for all, but he won’t because he is a businessman dealing with corporate elites who do not want competition in the banking and insurance sector.

The banker elite need to let go and someone needs to try experimenting with something new to replace communism and capitalism. The world demands it. America is running a version of pseudo-capitalism that is perverted. China is running a version of communism which is also perverted because it encompasses aspects of the perverted capitalism. The new world order is not set by Neocons or Elites or bankers or the 1%, or the Chinese or the Tibetans. It is set by the internet.

The interconnected world of today is demanding the best that history has to offer. If it is not forthcoming then history will be brushed aside to where it belongs. The dustbin.

Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state- Chomsky reports:

Access to health care is a leading example of the gap that exists in America between public opinion and establishment power, philosopher and social critic Chomsky told Truthout in a new interview centered around efforts among the political class in the US to end the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the signature policy of President Barack Obama’s outgoing administration.

The US health care system has long been an international scandal, with about twice the per capita expenses of other wealthy (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, or OECD) countries and relatively poor outcomes,” Chomsky said. “The ACA did, however, bring improvements, including insurance for tens of millions of people who lacked it, banning of refusal of insurance for people with prior disabilities, and other gains.

On Thursday, just more than a week before Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, the US Senate took the first step to repeal the ACA, even as there is no clear plan to replace the law.

It’s conceivable that [congressional Republicans] might patch together some kind of plan, or that the ultra-right and quite passionate ‘Freedom Caucus’ may insist on instant repeal without a plan, damn the consequence for the budget, or, of course, for people,” Chomsky said.

Medicaid, the federal and state health care program designed to offer health care to low-income Americans, will almost certainly suffer as a result of the repeal efforts, he said, as Republicans have long viewed the program with contempt.

Medicaid only helps poor people who ‘don’t matter’ and don’t vote Republican anyway,” Chomsky said of Republicans’ logic, adding that repeal of the ACA will give “Republican-run state opportunities to gut it.

America’s profit-driven health care system is a departure from structures in most other OECD nations “and even less privileged societies,” Chomsky said, due in no small part to a long history of genocide, enslavement and militarism, as well as a weakened labor movement under near-constant attack.

As a result, US society is, to an unusual extent, business-run, with a highly class-conscious business community … set on containing or demolishing the ‘political power of the masses,’” he said.

Health care costs in the US are “about twice the OECD average” and feature comparatively poor outcomes, Chomsky said, identifying a high infant mortality rate as an example.

To an unusual extent, the US health care system is privatized and unregulated,” he said. “Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not providing health care, and when they undertake the latter, it is likely not to be in the best interests of patients or to be efficient.

Despite public opinion surveys that have shown much support in the US for universal health care, why aren’t Americans demanding better policy? Chomsky cited “a profound democratic deficit in an atomized society, lacking the kind of popular associations and organizations that enable the public to participate in a meaningful way in determining the course of political, social and economic affairs.

An increasingly embattled labor movement and a lack of political parties not captured by elite forces keep the current status quo in place, he said.

What remains is a depoliticized society in which a majority of voters (barely half the population even in the super-hyped presidential elections, much less in others) are literally disenfranchised, in that their representatives disregard their preferences while effective decision-making lies largely in the hands of tiny concentrations of wealth and corporate power, as study after study reveals.

Power, Chomsky said, can be attained by the masses “if they organize and act to gain and exercise it. That holds for health care and for much else.

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