Arguing With Feminists Online Could Carry 6-Month Prison Sentence

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Canadian man Gregory Elliot faces up to 6 months in prison for an argument he had with feminists on social media website Twitter, over three years ago. 

Elliot had disagreed with feminists in 2012 over publicly shaming a video game programmer. He was subsequently arrested and lost his job. reports:

To be more specific, Mr. Elliott disagreed with two feminist activists over twitter about publicly shaming a video game programmer. The programmer had made a game in which one could punch a feminist video blogger. Thus, the two feminists thought that he should be publicly shamed. That wasn’t enough, so they also ensured that no one else would ever hire him again.

This is the big difference seen between the right and left in the way that we argue. Conservatives want rigorous discussion, leftists seek to destroy lives.

Of course…this was the wrong to move to make. He was disagreeing with a feminist! Big no no. Not allowed. Show us your papers. At the end of the day, Mr. Elliott was charged with criminal harassment—which is rather easy under Canadian law. All one has to claim is that someone’s conduct made them ‘fear for their safety’. It’s a joke.

It doesn’t matter at all that Mr. Elliott never threatened either of the two feminists (in any way shape or form), or that he was just speaking his opinion. It happened to make them mad and that my friends, must be legislated!

If Gregory Elliott is convicted, the case will have large repercussions for all free-speech online.

Imagine: next time you disagree with a leftist online… the police will be coming to your door. Because this will be setting the precedent for feminists and leftists everywhere: Disagreement equals harassment. Harassment equals hate speech. Hate speech equals… you now get no speech.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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