Biden White House Thanks Far-Left Terrorists for Doxxing Home Addresses of Supreme Court Justices

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Biden's White House thanks far-left terrorists for doxxing home addresses of conservative Supreme Court Justices

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Thursday praised far-left terrorists for doxxing conservative Supreme Court justices after after a draft opinion leak revealed the court is set to strike down Roe v Wade.

Far-left activist group “Ruth Sent Us” doxxed the home address of the six conservative justices of the US Supreme Court.

They are urging the public to harass and threaten the SCOTUS Justices and their families. reports: Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki if Biden approves of the doxxing.

“Activists posted a map with the home addresses of the Supreme Court justices. Is that kind of thing this president wants?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked Psaki.

“Look, I think the President’s view is that there is a lot of passion, a lot of fear… about what they saw in that leaked document,” Psaki said.

Doocy pressed Psaki and asked her if she thinks it’s okay if left-wing protesters show up to private homes.

“I don’t have an official U.S. government position on where people protest,” Psaki said.



  1. 81 million votes…The 10 million that actually did vote for this idiot are getting everything they deserve. If there is going to be a food shortage they should be the ones to starve.

  2. You can bet your life in the history books in 100 years it will be a totally different story. They’re so devious. Manipulative Pretending they oppose the Pope’s abortion stance just to deceive the feminists and drs but really they’ve set it up At this time when history is at its zenith with pandemics, Ukraine and t g e great reset they can’t have Democratic Catholics spitting at the Pope. Not in the history books And they won’t either.

  3. New WH Press Secretary is Black, a woman (is that term allowed?) gay and has a kewl hyphenated name. Immune to any criticisms. Even mentioning the obvious virtue-signalling and quota-based hiring by the Biden regime will be verboten.

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