Boeing Whistleblower: Plane Crashes Are ‘Inside Job’ by Global Elite To Usher In Agenda 2030

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The commercial airline industry has been hijacked by the globalist elite who are determined to bring the industry to its knees as part of the Agenda 2030 plan for humanity.

The commercial airline industry has been hijacked by the globalist elite who are determined to bring the industry to its knees as part of the Agenda 2030 plan for humanity.

According to industry whistleblowers, inside job sabotage is responsible for the spate of disastrous incidents in the air and on tarmacs across America, with the stated goal being to destroy the industry from within by eroding public confidence in flying.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. As planes continue veering off runways, wheels fall off during takeoff, mid-air engine fires threaten the lives of passengers, and cabin door plugs blow out, it’s time to listen to what the brave whistleblowers in the industry have been warning us about.

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As usual, the elite are wasting no time in planning to unleash fresh hell on humanity. The elite are determined to destroy our ability to travel outside of future 15 minute cities, and taking away out right to own cars and take flights is central to their plans.

Preparations for the elite’s totalitarian power grab are underway and if you have been paying attention you can already see evidence of the plot everywhere you look.

Mid-air engine fires, once as rare as hen’s teeth, are now near-weekly occurrences. This footage is from a United Airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing in Texas minutes after take-off when flames began shooting from one of its engines.

This was the second mid-air engine fire to affect Boeing in the US this year, after a 747 engine caught fire over Miami in January.

When United Airlines Boeing passenger jets aren’t catching fire, they are losing wheels. This Boeing 777 lost a wheel while taking off in San Francisco last month, crushing several cars in the process.

These kinds of accidents were unthinkable in the past. The airline industry ran a tight ship, industry regulations were watertight, and the engineers and flight crew were selected for their high-level professionalism.

Now, as planes continue suffering basic yet incredibly dangerous problems such as this Boeing 737 MAX 8’s landing gear failure at Houston Intercontinental Airport, it’s time to ask what the hell is really going on.

Meet John Barnett, a former quality control manager at Boeing.

Barnett worked for Boeing for more than 30 years before retiring in 2017 and warning the airline industry is being “deliberately sabotaged by the elites.”

Barnett was in Charleston in March testifying in depositions surrounding his ongoing litigation with Boeing, accusing the company of deliberately sabotaging their own planes and “denigrating his character and hampering his career” because he dared to call them out on it.

According to Barnett, DEI and the celebration of mediocrity has been weaponized by the global elite to wage war on America and the western world and the first casualty will be the airline industry.

Unfortunately, we won’t be hearing any more from John Barnett. Despite informing the world he was not suicidal before he began testifying against Boeing, he was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound just after the depositions began.

Skeptical social media users questioned whether Mr. Barnett could be a victim of corporate murder.

“Totally normal,” remarked Colin Rugg on X, with commentator Elijah Schaeffer also writing, “Totally NOT suspicious.”

According to Barnett’s testimony, we haven’t seen anything yet. The elite are just getting started and things are about to get very crazy, very quick. What is their end game?

Despite lecturing ordinary people about their carbon footprints, the global elite feel justified in flying their fleets of private jets around the world.

Gates recently told the BBC that he is part of the solution to climate change, therefore he’s justified in flying around the world on private jets while normal people are forced to live in 15 minute cities without freedom of travel.

Last year, Gates flew around Europe and Australia on board his $70 million dollar luxury private jet lecturing people about climate change and ordering them to stop flying on planes.

But the people didn’t listen. They like their freedoms and they can smell a hypocrite from a mile away.

Now the elite are finding a new way to stop ordinary people flying and confine them to 15 minute cities where we will need to apply for permission to leave our designated zones.

We know the globalist elite have subscribed to the UN’s Agenda 21 which calls for the creation of “wild lands” and the concentration of populations into designated areas. And we know that Klaus Schwab is pushing the 15 minute city concept.

According to German MEP Christine Anderson, the globalists plan to force the masses into so-called 15-minute cities that will essentially serve as controlled population prisons.

As Anderson explains, the Covid vaccine passport was a trial run for a social credit system that will be integrated into these open-air prisons.

As wide-eyed liberals continue flocking to America’s first 15 minute cities, it is worth issuing a word of warning.

15 minute cities will go from “isn’t that convenient?” to “why do you want to go anywhere else?” to “your permit does not allow you to leave zone 17” really, really quickly.

Those who have been given a glimpse of the plan are urgently making plans to escape society.

Globalist billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are urgently building vast underground bunkers and Elon Musk has warned something big is on the horizon. It remains to be seen if he understands exactly how low the elite are prepared to go.

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