Braun Slammed For Using Trans Model With Mastectomy Scars To Advertise Men’s Trimmers

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Braun shaving ad

The shaving company Braun has come under fire in Britain for an ad that features a trans model with surgical scars from a past double mastectomy operation.

Campaigners have criticized the brand for it’s ‘shockingly immoral’ and ‘irresponsible’ decision to use a topless model with mastectomy scars.

Brietbart reprts: The ad featured a woman who identifies as a man shaving with the Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmers in the mirror, prominently displaying the woman’s scars from having both breasts removed. In Britain, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidance warns against  “glamourizing” or “trivializing” cosmetic surgery, according to the Telegraph.

“Marketers should take care not to trivialize the decision to have cosmetic surgery,” the ASA says in its social responsibility section of its website. “Procedures should always be portrayed as something that requires time and thought and should never be portrayed as ‘safe’, ‘easy’ or ‘risk free.’”

Maya Forstater, the executive director of Sex Matters, called the ad “shockingly immoral.”

“Promoting the removal of healthy breast tissue is not only shockingly immoral, but against advertising standards guidance to not glamourize or trivialize cosmetic surgery,” Forstater said. “The campaign perpetuates the terrible lie that women can become men if they have their breasts removed and take hormones.”

“Braun executives must have been living under a rock if they think that this campaign represents ‘inclusivity’. The reality is that Braun has now written itself into history as promoting social contagion and what will become one of the most notorious medical scandals,” Forstater added.

James Esses, the co-founder of Thoughtful Therapists, also said that the ad represents how private corporations will carelessly advertise irreversible surgeries to win woke points.

Once again, we find a private corporation willing to glorify irreversible surgery being performed on the healthy breasts of women, in pure pursuit of profit,” said Esses. “This is mindless, irresponsible, virtue-signalling, woke capitalism at its most dangerous.”

The razor company Gillette stepped across the woke line in 2019 when it featured an ad wherein a father teaches his transgender child to shave.

“Gillette’s latest advertisement sympathetically shows a woman ‘transitioning’ to be a man with the help of male shaving products,” Breitbart News reported at the time. “The risky advert echoes the feminist campaign to blur the biological differences between men and women by suggesting that women can become men with the help of some Gillette shaving products.”

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