50+ North Korean Submarines Leave Bases, Fear of War Looms

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North Korea seems to not be playing around when it comes to the looming potential war with South Korea.  As we have reported, in the past few days tensions between the two countries have become increased.

First, an artillery exchange between the two countries occurred.  Soon after, South Korea pulled citizens from near the border, U.S. troops were placed on the border, and talks meant to ease the tensions are reported to have gone sour.

Now, various reports are showing that over 50 of the 70 known North Korean submarines are away from their normal bases where they conduct operations.  Many say this is a sign that North Korea is preparing for war, despite it’s participation in talks with the South.

According to the YONHAP News Agency:

“Seventy percent of North Korea’s submarines left their bases, and their locations are not confirmed,” the South Korean military official told reporters.

The unpredictable communist nation has also doubled the number of its artillery troops on the border, with the command to be combat ready, according to the official.

Fears of what would happen if the Koreas enter back into a war are permeating the globe.  North Korea is known to be unpredictable and aggressive.  On the other hand, many believe that North Korea is all talk and no action.

This recent development regarding the movement of their submarines is a unique show of action for “The Hermit Kingdom”.

The Mirror reports:  More than 50 North Korean submarines – 70% of its entire fleet – have apparently left their bases as tensions rise across the region.

South Korean officials now fear the North is gearing up for combat as high-level talks to ease the threat of war continue.

A South Korean military official told reporters in the country: “70% of North Korea’s submarines left their bases, and their locations are not confirmed.

“It’s a very serious situation.”


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