Breaking News: Beautiful Mind John Nash And Wife Die In Crash

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Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind Mathematician, John Nash has died in a car crash along with his wife Alicia. Local media have reported a taxi carrying Princeton professor Nash, 86, and his 82-year-old wife Alicia crashed on the Turnpike in New Jersey.

Professor Nash was a genius in mathematics, who helped revolutionize the field of ‘Game Theory’ amongst others. Nash had won many scholarly awards in his lifetime, including the Nobel Prize for economics in 1994. His recent achievement came only five days ago, when he received the 2015 Abel Prize for his joint work in ‘nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications to geometric analysis’ from His Majesty King Harald Vwon of Norway on 19 May. He shared the prize with his fellow American mathematician Louis Nirenberg. His battles with paranoid schizophrenia awarded him many admirers. John was featured in the 2001 Hollywood movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’ played by Russell Crowe.

Daily Mail reports:

John Nash, the mathematician made famous in the movie a Beautiful Mind has been killed in a taxi crash in New Jersey.

Princeton professor Nash, 86, and his 82-year-old wife Alicia were killed when their taxi crashed while travelling south on the New Jersey Turnpike.

The driver allegedly lost control during an overtaking maneuver and hit the guard rail. He survived with non-life threatening injuries. His two passengers were not wearing seatbelts, according to police.

Nash’s work on game theory and his battle with paranoid schizophrenia were featured in the 2001 Hollwywood movie in which he was played by Russel Crowe.

He won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1994.

Beautiful Mind

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