British Airstrikes Are Illegal Says Syrian State Media

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Syrian state media accuses the UK of violating international law following its decision to join the US-led coalition bombing the country.


The decision by British parliament to extend airstrikes against ISIS from Iraq into Syria is in contravention of international law, say Syrian state media outlets.

The claim was made the day after British MPs voted to bomb targets in Syria and hours after the first RAF sorties hit an oilfield in the east of the country.

The official Syrian government newspaper Al-Thawra said the Commons had responded to Mr Cameron’s “lies” by “vaulting over international legitimacy as usual”.

RT reports: The Independent reported that the Al-Baath newspaper – which reportedly answers to President Bashar Assad’s own party – said Prime Minister David Cameron was running a “PR campaign” in support of a “US-led show in violation of the UN charter.”

Al-Thawra, another official newspaper, said Cameron and the House of Commons vaulted “over international legitimacy as usual.”

British politics is still reeling from the decision in parliament last night to extend airstrikes to Syria.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon claimed on Thursday that RAF bombing raids against IS in Syria have dealt “a real blow” to the financing of the terror group.

Analysis indicates “the strikes were successful,” the Ministry of Defence (MoD) claimed.

Fallon told the BBC he had approved the targets before the House of Commons vote on Wednesday evening, and gave permission for the raids to go ahead once MPs had rubberstamped extending airstrikes.

He added that airstrikes against extremists are likely to continue for years.

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