British Minister: ISIS Defeat In Middle East Is ‘Bad For UK’

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British minister admits ISIS defeat is bad for UK business

A senior British MP has admitted that defeating ISIS in the Middle East could spell disaster for the government of the United Kingdom.

According to Security Minister, Ben Wallace, the UK and parts of Europe has recently come under “constant attack” from terror groups due to the collapse of ISIS in Syria.

“[Daesh is] collapsing in Syria and people are either unable to get out there to fight for ISIS (Daesh) and so they look to do something at home.”

“I think those two things mean that the threat is to some extent increasing,” he added. reports: Daesh has already been pushed out the northern city of Mosul — its main Iraqi stronghold — which was liberated on July 10. The group has also lost large swathes of its occupied lands in Syria, and is now subject to intensive counter-terrorism operations in the city of Raqqah, which is yet to be declared free from the militant group.

Britain has recently been targeted by several Daesh claimed terrorist attacks. The country increased terror threat level to critical in the aftermath of a bombing that killed at least 22 people, including seven children, at the Manchester Arena at the end of a concert back in May.

Later in June, two attacks claimed the lives of at least ten people in central London. Three men rammed a van into people on London Bridge before launching knife attacks on people somewhere else in Borough Market. Both attacks were later claimed by Daesh.

A recent car rampage, which was also claimed by the takfiri group in the Spanish city of Barcelona, is said to  have been inspired by the London Bridge attack, according to security officials.

The attack occurred on Thursday evening, when a van rammed into a crowd on Rambla Avenue in the center of Barcelona, killing at least 14 and injuring some 100 others. Daesh claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

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