California Introduces Controversial ‘Global Warming Tax’ On Gas

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California is “getting tough” with Global Warming by adding a tax onto fuel prices. California Governor Jerry Brown is calling for California to “lead the way” in combating global warming, and in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The Inquisitr reports:

As global warming grows worse and threatens the planet, governments around the world are taking action to help end the global warming crisis leaving the United States trailing behind. But at least one state is not waiting on federal authorities to get serious about climate change, and they are taking action with a new global warming tax.

Technically speaking, the new global warming tax is not supposed to penalize regular consumers, but is a fee charged to the gasoline retailers when the distributors load the gas tanks; however, instead of paying this fee as intended, retailers are simply passing on the cost to the consumers to pay instead.

The end result of this new global warming fee is about an additional 10 cents per gallon for regular gasoline, with diesel fuel costs coming in at around 12 cents more for the wholesale prices. This also translates into a higher sales tax on gasoline, which is based on the total price per gallon, including all taxes and fees passed on by the retailers.


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