Cartoon For Young Kids Features New Non-Binary Characters With “They/Them” Pronouns

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Kids cartoon with non binary characters

The Cartoon Network has caused a stir online after an animated show aimed at young children introduced new gender neutral characters who use they/them pronouns

In the network’s attempt to be ‘inclusionary’, their cartoon show We Baby Bears produced a new episode entitled Polly’s New Crew, with characters who identify as nonbinary. It will be aired on Saturday 17 June.

The Mail Online reports: The show is intended to be viewed by children over the age of six.

In the trailer for the kids show, one character says: ‘I am the great Winnifred, she/her. Actor extraordinaire!’ 

At which point, one of the bears introduced a nonbinary character named Box.

The bear says: ‘Our crew also has a new addition. They use they/them pronouns, and they make an exceptionally good quiche!’

Polly the Pirate Captain then flies over and says that they use ‘they/them pronouns’ as well. 

The new episodes of We Baby Bears air on Saturday June 17, and the network pre- warned parents that they ‘will feature two nonbinary characters and a discussion about pronoun usage.’ 

The show first aired in January 2022 – and is a prequel to the series We Bare Bears.  

In a tweet from March 30, transgender day of visibility, Cartoon Network said: ‘Addressing someone using their pronouns and name shows that you RESPECT them as their authentic self!

‘We celebrate the journey of our trans and gender-non-conforming friends.’

One disgruntled adult wrote on social media following the news: ‘Not the first time Cartoon Network has done this, not the last. They are 100% coming for your kids.’

Another person chimed in: ‘I am not that old but I am old enough to remember when Cartoon Network brought joy to all without pushing an agenda.’

A third added: ‘I still cannot understand the obsession with introducing sex and gender ideology into children’s spaces.’ 

While a fourth said: ‘As a rule of thumb, don’t let your kids watch anything made in the past 7ish years.’ 

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