Moderna CEO Says New mRNA ‘Injection’ Will ‘Repair Heart Muscle’ After Heart Attack

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Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told SkyNews Business Australia the company is developing a new mRNA injection that will “grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart.”

Describing the mRNA injections as “therapy” and “science fiction medicine,” Bancel touted the developments as “super exciting,” before acknowledging the jab will “inject mRNA in people’s heart[s].”

The announcement comes as numerous studies have shown a clear link between the mRNA spike protein and the litany of health complications that are on the increase around the world. Not only that, but people are dying at an unprecedented rate.

The evidence has become so overwhelming that, as of this week, Florida’s Surgeon General has even come out and recommended that people refrain from taking the vaccine because it causes a massive 84% spike in cardiac-related death in males aged 18-39.

Watch CEO Stephane Bancel tout his “science fiction medicine”:

This week, the vaccine maker officially announced it has developed a ‘cure’ for the tyrannical medical-industrial complex’s latest manufactured health crisis.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Speaking with SkyNews Australia Business Weekend, Bancel detailed Moderna’s new experimental mRNA injection, which he says will “grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart.”

Bancel did not specify when Moderna will have the new ‘therapy’ ready for consumer use, but the process is presumably far along, as he said it is currently being tested in a clinical setting.

From Bancel:

“As you say – cardiology… we have now in the clinic a super exciting program where we inject mRNA in people’s heart[s] after [a] heart attack. To grow back new blood vessels and to revascularize the heart.

So, its a bit like science fiction medicine. It’s exciting to me.”

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