Is Coconut Oil Healthy? What Big Business Isn’t Telling You

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The origins of the coconut oil conspiracy can be traced back to 1954 when Big Business replaced butter with margarine on the American table.

The American Heart Association recently launched a campaign to convince Americans that coconut oil is bad for them. Mainstream media has followed up with misleading propaganda articles attempting to spread the word far and wide.

The fact is that nothing has changed. Coconut oil is good for you. Big business, pushing fraudulent “heath foods” and spreading lies and deceit since the 1950s, don’t want you to know this.

This hatchet job on coconut oil is simply the latest attack in a long-running misinformation campaign that began in the 1950s when the soybean and corn industry (and supported by the American Heart Association) committed to changing the American diet.

In 1954 a researcher named David Kritchevsky published an academic paper stating that rabbits fed pure cholesterol developed blocked arteries that led to heart disease. He used the results of his study to posit the theory that saturated fats, high in cholesterol, are bad for human health.

Although most other scientific studies at the time disagreed with his findings, the well-oiled marketing machine of the the soybean and corn industries (supported by the American Heart Association) decided to publicize Kritchevsky’s study and convince Americans it was gold-plated truth.

Why? Because the soybean and corn industries wanted to promote their new wonder product – margarine.

To do this they had to destroy the reputation of butter, a product that had been around for millennia. People trusted butter, and rightly so, considering it’s place in healthy, traditional diets around the world.

But the mud stuck.

The deceitful advertising campaign, claiming that saturated fats are directly linked to weight loss and heart disease, made Americans wary of butter.

The low-fat, unnatural American diet was born. Natural products were tinkered with, removing essential nutrients. Saturated fats were replaced with polyunsaturates derived from soy and corn. Synthetic ingredients, often toxic to the human body, were added.

Big business, with the backing of the American Heart Association, told us that the new products were designed with our health in mind.

But this was a lie in 1954 and it remains a lie in 2017.

Heart disease has exploded since natural products were replaced with unnatural. Obesity, closely linked to the “new American” diet, is a major social problem that has governments worried about the health care cost of future generations.

Is coconut oil good for you?

Thanks to the new and unnatural diet low in saturated fat and high in polyunsaturates, the Western world is now populated by obese people who, despite outward appearances, are undernourished.

A recent study comparing rural Irish farming families eating a traditional diet rich in full-fat dairy, beef and other natural saturated fats, and American city-dwellers consuming diets consisting of low-fat meals made with polyunsaturated fats, found that the Irish families were healthier, more nourished, and had lower incidence of heart disease than the Americans consuming the diet advocated by the American Heart Association.

If you find this remotely surprising, you may want to consider whether you have been brainwashed by big business advertising dollars.

Saturated fats are good for you. They always have been, and always will be, despite the corporate hatchet jobs.


The travesty of the misleading corporate propaganda is that one of nature’s most amazing resources has been lost to modern medicine for decades. Tropical oils, and especially coconut oil with all of its functional, nutritional and pharmaceutical possibilities, have been lost to modern medicine for decades.

Consumers have been scared away from a versatile, health-giving oil in favor of synthetic, toxic, corporate gloop.

For thousands of years, coconuts have been a staple of tropical cuisines. Pacific Islanders who followed a traditional coconut-based diet had none of the heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or other modern illnesses that plague modern America – until they switched to modern, Western food.

The evidence, ancient and modern, is overwhelming. Scientific studies continue to mount in favor of coconut oil.

A must read article if you want to get in depth on saturated fats can be found here.

There is so much reliable information on this subject on the internet. Don’t trust the marketing machine of big business, or their lackeys in mainstream media, to tell you what is healthy and which products you shouldn’t buy.

Spend some time and research the topic yourself. It might change your life.

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