Creepy BBC Shows Jimmy Savile’s Child Sex Abuse Victims In CGI Disguise

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Jimmy Savile
The BBC is accused of  freaking out the nation after airing a documentary where the child sex abuse victims of celebrity pedophile Jimmy Savile were shown in disguise using computer generated imagery (CGI).

The victims had bravely opted to tell their harrowing stories as part of Abused: The Untold Story, which was shown on BBC1 on Monday evening, but the CGI used to disguise them was branded ‘freaky’ and ‘unsettling’ by viewers

The Daily Mail reports:

But instead of shadowing the participants, or using an actor to portray their words, programme makers opted to conceal their identities using CGI facial disguises – which were accused of ‘creeping out the nation’ by viewers.

The technology – which was likened to a Face Swap app – was used on a man, whose name was given as Dave, who had allegedly been abused when he was 14.

Viewers complained that they found the disguise distracting, with many taking to Twitter to question why the technique had been used.

‘@BBCOne please never use this disguise ever again. Creeping out the nation #jimmysavile’ one commented.

‘BBC one using faceswap apps to disguise victims of jimmy savile is one of the scariest/weirdest things I’ve seen,’ wrote another viewer.

Another added: ‘Is anyone watching the Jimmy Savile programme on BBC One? What the hell is going on with the ‘disguises’?! Freaky s***!’

Programme makers also opted not to show Savile’s face during the 90-minute documentary, to avoid any further distress to his victims.

Twitter user Jenny Steel wrote: ‘Abused the untold story, very moving. Well done BBC and although the disguised faces were unsettling, at least we didn’t have to see Savile.’

Dave and his girlfriend ‘Lynne’ spoke about the abuse he allegedly suffered from former radio presenter Chris Denning.

Denning later admitted to a series of offences against young boys after being arrested as part of Operation Yewtree – an investigation into historic sexual abuse. He was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile

Viewers also heard from the victim Karin Ward – whose online autobiography about the abuse she suffered triggered the beginning of the sex abuse scandal that led to a police investigation exposing Savile’s offences.

Ms Ward took part in the interview as she prepared to undergo a big operation that she wasn’t expecting to survive.

She told the documentary: ‘What have I got to lose? It doesn’t matter if no one believes me because I’ll be dead.’

A BBC spokesman told MailOnline: ‘After years of living in the shadows, it felt essential to satisfy the survivor’s need to talk directly to the audience whilst allowing them to remain anonymous, and it was important to see the eyes and mouths of the survivors rather than hiding them behind screens.

‘The contributors saw their portrayal in advance and were happy that their anonymity was not compromised.’ 1412467203989_Image_galleryImage__JIMMY_SAVILE_British_Rad


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