Danish Lawmaker Faces Prosecution for Rescuing Islamic Child Brides

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Danish lawmaker Inger Støjberg faces prison for rescuing Islamic child brides

A Danish lawmaker is facing prosecution for rescuing children from Islamic child marriages in Denmark.

Denmark’s former Minister for Immigration, Integration, and Housing Inger Støjberg rescued migrant child brides from illegal marriages when they arrived in the country.

Serving as Immigration Minister from 2015 until 2019, Støjberg oversaw the peak of the “migrant crisis.”

During her time in office, she was known for her tough stance on illegal migration and her insistence that those arriving must respect Danish cultural values. She was also known for rescuing Muslim child brides.

Calling the practice of marrying child brides “medieval and cruel,” Støjberg did everything in her power to end the practise in Denmark.

Thus, Støjberg enacted a measure in 2016 in which the authorities were compelled to separate married couples in cases where the woman was under the age of 18.

“We must not turn a blind eye!” Støjberg said in a social media post, as reported by Norway’s Human Rights Service. “These girls are entitled to their own lives and need help. Anything else would have been completely obscene!”

But now, far-left parties in Denmark are threatening to prosecute Støjberg for violating a technicality of international law. Under the conventions concerning children, the separation of couples can only be carried out on a case-by-case basis. Støjberg, however, stated in a press release in 2016 that not every case would be dealt with individually – thus offering an opening to the Left to trap her. She is now under investigation.

Voiceofeurope.com reports: In her defense, Støjberg told the commission of inquiry on Sunday that the press release had been a political message and not a policy statement. “When you issue a press release, you do not talk about the exceptions,” she said. “You communicate the main points.” She insists that her actual instructions specified that individual assessments should be made in each case.

The investigation is still ongoing. When it is complete, the Danish Parliament will make a decision as to whether Støjberg shall be prosecuted or not.

The issue of child brides is not limited to Denmark but is endemic throughout the migrant communities of Western Europe — especially since Muslims see it as part of their culture. The BBC conducted an interview with a Muslim imam in which he stated that marrying child brides is permissible under Islamic law, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

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