FBI: Criminal Investigation Into Clinton ‘Imminent’ Following Comey Departure

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The FBI are to launch a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified data following James Comey’s departure.

The firing of FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday has “cleared the pathway” for the Justice Department, headed by Jeff Sessions, to relaunch an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified data while she served as Secretary of State, according to insiders at the bureau.

This time, we are going to tackle each and every breach as a criminal act, and react accordingly,” an FBI insider claims.

In the wake of Donald Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey citing “serious mistakes” and “mishandling” of the Hillary Clinton investigation, the FBI source claims “the Clinton probe was a faux probe.”

We aren’t talking about Congressional hearings that span months and involve political tit for tat. We’re talking about agents on the ground with search warrants and the power to arrest the minute a law has been broken.

Comey was compromised

President Trump and senior advisers became increasingly enraged at Comey’s politically motivated behavior and his reluctance to enforce the law.

Comey’s congressional testimony last week, in which he made false statements later corrected by the FBI, was the final straw for the Trump administration.

The sight of the FBI Director admitting that Hillary Clinton broke the law, and then insisting that she will not be prosecuted because of a lack of intent, was too much to bear.

“I do think Director Comey was compromised,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said to Fox on Wednesday. “And the President made a presidential decision.”

Even the letter to Congress made public by Comey in the final week of the campaign was a politically expedient public relations exercise, rather than an exercise in law enforcement.

Believing that Clinton’s win was a near-certainty, Comey released the letter to avoid potential accusations of favoritism after the election.

After the election, Comey would explain to Clinton the reason for going public with the letter, and explain that it strengthened his position, her position and the reputation of the bureau.

However it didn’t turn out that way, and now senior positions at the White House, Department of Justice and the FBI are filled by people who support the re-opening of the case.

The reports indicate that Comey’s firing represents a renewed focus on information pertaining to the investigation into Hillary Clinton, after the previous probe was criticized by both supporters and detractors of the former secretary of state, with both camps painting the investigation as being either politically motivated or hampered by alleged attempts to cover up evidence of wrongdoing.

“This has the full support of everybody in the White House. We just needed to get all of our ducks in a row before we could act. It has been a really frustrating few months, but necessary.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. The email BS is a red herring. Uncle Sugars pedophillic butt keeps telling you to look at the pedophile cows sloppy email accounts, and her lies on that. That is because Uncle Sugar, and the trickster trumpster, who said the Clintons are “good friends”, do not want you looking at her pedophillia and the Clinton Foundation taking bribes and trafficking children.

    • We all have skeletons in our closet. You seem to be furious that the Clinton’s skeletons are getting out.

    • you are really starting to sound like a one-trick pony John. I respect and support your crusade to take these pedophile criminals down but there is more going on than just that. Trump will take these criminal pedophiles down at the appropriate time when he has evidence and a team that will actually prosecute and convict these criminals. As I’ve said before, keep your powder dry Soldier, the general will give the order at the appropriate time.


      • Go ahead, run interference for the pedophiles of Washington DC. I am sure the raped and murdered children will thank you when you assume room temperature.

        Washington is evil. and trump is an evil minion servant of the crime cabal of Washington Dc.

        One does not compromise with evil, one fights it, unless of course, one is running interference for evil.

        • Your starting to sound kind of foolish John. That’s too bad because it obscures a lot of very excellent things that you are posting

          I can see trying to have a rational dialogue with you is impossible unless we support your positions 100% that’s too bad because I support your position, I just disagree with your timing and your judgement.

          • I am from the General George Patton school of though and truth, not the Eisenhower evil empire serving vain, sell your butt to evil minion mentality.

            Of course the thirty shekel prostitute Eisenhower became “president”, and Washington DC murdered Patton.

            Guess when they both were on the other side, which one cleans hell toilets.

          • And you probably never served a day in your life, but if you did, I respect that. If you’re really from the Patton school of thought, then gather up your third Army and get your face down to Washington DC and start making some citizens arrests, otherwise you’re just a guy shooting his mouth off.

          • People who want you to compromise with evil, are in fact pimping for evil. Either that or cowards.

          • And what courageous actions are you undertaking to stop this beside your endless keyboard rants? You alienate people who fundamentally agree with you on almost every single point and you expect to get something accomplished? I think you might be from the Bellevue school of thought.

            What branch did you serve in John?

          • Anyone who wants you to compromise with evil, is pimping for evil, or a coward who fears speaking the truth. Ignorance of reality is no excuse for either. Ignorance is a self imposed condition so therefore can not be used as an excuse for pimping for evil, or cowardliness.

            You seem bent on allowing the evil of Washington Dc to remain. The only question is, are you a coward, or a collaborator?

          • I think I’m done talking to you John it’s obvious that you’re imbalanced. There’s an old saying, never argue with a fool because after a while they can’t figure out who the fool really is.

            Have a nice life keyboard Warrior and cousin of Patton and Eisenhower.

          • You rang my bell, i did not ring yours. However, you seem not to want to answer my question as to why you are serving the evil of Washington DC.
            Coward or collaborating zionist pimp?

          • Oh yes, i did my war, and Eisenhower and Patton are both cousins. Although Patton is closer. My line of the family did not intermarry with the enemy as Eisenhower’s did.

  2. Next 911 is on the back burners waiting for the scum to be exposed, no statuette of limitation on murder.

    • I still think the Watergate Investigation is hiding teenaged girls getting free cocaine in exchange for sex with diplomats. Both Democrats and Republicans got in on the action. Nixon actually took the blame for the all of them.

  3. With apologies to Judge Smails.
    Well…? We’re waiting!
    You idiots are the most deluded
    fucks ever to exist.
    The rule of law and equality of
    justice is long dead in America.
    Especially for Über elitist shitbags
    like her.
    God, you fucks are dumb.

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