DC Students & School Staff Must Test Negative For Covid In Order To Return After Thanksgiving

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All students and staff at DC public schools must test negative for Covid before being allowed to return to campus after the Thanksgiving break district officials have said.

The tests are required despite COVID-19 vaccination being mandatory for students ages 12 and older and “highly encouraged” for younger students. School staff are also required to be vaccinated.

The Gateway Pundit reports: The school district is urging families to pick up COVID tests at their schools from November 17 through November 22.

Families are being told to test students on November 27 and upload their results to a school district website.

“To support a safe return from Thanksgiving break, all students and staff are expected to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Families should test their students and upload test results at DCPSstrong.com/testing on Sunday, November 27,” a notice at the top of the school district’s website reads.

According to the website, the school will have access to the results to confirm that the child tested negative.

“The test must be taken the day prior to returning from break, and the staff at your child’s school will have access to this information when you arrive at school,” the website explains.

Schools are also distributing tests in students’ backpacks.

The school district also posted about the new rule on social media.


  1. They aren’t Americans there really, I suspect, in DC because isn’t it an independent city state? There some very peculiar legal technicalities operating on the global stage which we are not ALLOWED to penetrate into understanding of their motivations.

  2. They have a massive stockpile of testing materials to burn through and a huge, well-paid crowd of Dem-voting Techs to support.

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