7 Yr Old Told Dr’s She Wanted To Die After Being Hospitalized For Abuse & Sexual Assault

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A seven year old girl told doctor’s that she wanted “to die” after being hospitalized for abuse and sexual assault.

The child, identified only as “Yaz”, reportedly begged the doctors to let her die after suffering horrific injuries from ‘years of abuse at the hands of her parents and an uncle who raped her’ in Mexico

Yaz was taken to the Hospital de Las Margaritas in Pueblo, Mexico in late August and is in critical condition, according to Crime Online,

The Sun reports: Doctors reportedly found she had internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, burn marks on her back, cigarette burns on her arms and hands and signs of sexual assault.

“I want to die…I don’t want to go back to my parents so that they keep hitting me,” the girl said, according to a statement from doctors.

Her parents, Rafael N. and Alejandra N. were detained on September 3 and have been charged with family violence and child abandonment, according to the Attorney General of the State Puebla.

The minor’s uncle has been accused of sexually assaulting the child but remains at large.

Yaz was physically harmed on at least three other occasions and was taken to the hospital by a neighbor who witnesses the mistreatment.

In April, Yaz had surgery for intestinal damage and was admitted to the hospital in February with cuts on her legs.

The victim’s father reportedly accused the mother of causing the cuts.

In August, doctors did a graft on the burns to the 7-year-old’s buttocks that “destroyed part of the muscle.”

Her 3-year-old sister died in June due to accidental asphyxiation – but local officials are pushing to reopen that case.

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