Democrat Satanic Couple Arrested for Raping Two Young Boys Found Covered in Feces & Blood

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Satanic Dem couple arrested for raping two young boys covered in feces and blood

A disturbing story out of Wisconsin recently has left many Americans in shock. A Democrat couple were arrested after their young children were seen walking through a neighborhood covered in feces and blood.

The parents of the two boys were obsessed with witchcraft and Satanism.

The young children, aged just seven and nine, were saved from their guardians after busting out a window in their room and wandering the streets of their neighborhood. reports: A teenager who saw the boys told the police she saw a “naked person walking on the sidewalk like a ‘caveman.’”

Another person who informed law enforcement about the abused children said they were not wearing any clothes, their hair was so long it looked like they were wearing wigs, and they had bruises and scratches on their bodies.

When officers arrived they discovered the kids had feces matted in their hair and entered the home where the children were being kept.

Upon investigating the house, police witnessed a “terrible hoarding situation” where poop was smeared all over the walls and officers “had a difficult time seeing the floor.”

The bedroom where the kids were kept had padlocks on the door and all their windows were boarded up with wood.

WISN featured images of one of the windows that was boarded up and blocked by a feces-covered Paw Patrol blanket.

The prosecutor looking to charge the couple told a judge the boys are “completely uneducated,” aren’t even potty trained, and “are, essentially at this point, unable to function in society.”

The responding officer explained in a court complaint, ‘There was a mound of trash and garbage outside of the children’s room. The door was halfway opened and a greater amount of urine and feces smell became present as [the officer] approached the room. The children’s room has feces smeared all over the walls of the room.”

The parents, 34-year-old Katie Koch and 38-year-old stepdad Joel Manke, are facing over 40 years in prison if convicted on ten felony counts of neglect and false imprisonment.

Upon looking into the social media pages of both Koch and Manke, it’s apparent the couple shares an affinity for Satanism, witchcraft and the occult.

Manke is pictured wearing Pentagram gear in numerous photos and Koch refers to herself as a “witch” on Instagram where she promotes a Satanic fashion brand called Black Craft Cult.

American society is truly decaying as degeneracy and Satanism is force-fed to the masses by the globalist social engineers.

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