Donald Trump Wants To ‘Buy’ Greenland

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The US president has been warned Greenland is not for sale after he discussed buying the Arctic island with aides

US President Donald Trump has stated on multiple occasions his desire to acquire Greenland, according to The Wall Street Journal

Apart from to its beauty and natural resources, Greenland, an autonomous Danish territory, is located between the US and Russia, which makes it strategically important in a Cold War-like conflict between the two.

However, Greenland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says: “We’re open for business, not for sale.”

RT reports: Trump’s half-joking, half-serious intent to lay his hands on Greenland, an icy and snowy land owned by Denmark, was reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources, on Thursday.

Trump “listened with interest” to his advisers discussing Greenland’s vast natural resources and its strategic location and has directed his White House counsel to study the issue in earnest, the sources said.

Greenland, although geographically a part of North America, has been linked to Europe for centuries, located as it is between the Old and New Worlds.

Trump has reportedly been making noises about the US grabbing hold of the island since at least last spring, when he was quoted asking his associates at a private dinner what they thought about it becoming yet another state of the US.

“What do you guys think about that? Do you think it would work?” Trump said, according to a WSJ source. As he broached the subject, the real estate mogul turned-president told the gathering that he was informed that Greenland’s maintenance is too pricey for Denmark, which has to dole out large subsidies to keep its economy afloat.

While the source noted that Trump appeared to have been testing the waters rather than seriously pondering the issue, the mere mention of such a prospect “unleashed a cascade of questions among his advisers,” eyeing a US military buildup in the Arctic, the WSJ reported.

The bombshell report comes ahead of Trump’s visit to Denmark next month, although officials who spoke to the outlet argued that the topic would not be on the agenda. While neither the White House nor Copenhagen have commented on the report, it has triggered a torrent of mockery online and left many stupefied.

Some suggested it was just Trump’s cunning plan for dealing with climate change.

“This was a throw away climate change joke I had in my early live Trump Dump show, about how he would build golf courses in #Greenland . I cut it because it seemed too obvious and stupid. I was right,” one person said.

Others reminded Trump that the US already has a military presence in Greenland at Thule Air Base, the US Air Force’s northernmost base, and can do without buying the whole territory.

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