Scientists Baffled As Giant Staircase Found In Antarctica

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Scientists discover mysterious giant staircase in Antarctica

A bizarre giant staircase structure discovered in Antarctica might be the remains of the lost city of Atlantis, according to researchers. 

The mysterious structure was discovered on Google Earth and shows a massive staircase leading up on the side of an Antarctica mountain.

According to some people in the UFO community, the staircase might be a UFO landing site or some kind of ‘UFO lighthouse’ that sent signals out to approaching UFOs to help them navigate the terrain.

“It does look like stairs – maybe on a pyramid structure?”

“I’m not an alien believer but I do believe we’ve been all over this planet many times in our past.”

“It’s more likely a landing site than stairs.”

“I attribute it to fallen angels and Nephilim… high-tech demonic activity.”

“Why does it look like it says Google next to the stairs?”

“Someone wrote Google in the snow next to it.” reports:

Some people even think that Atlantis is located in the continent of Antarctica.

The freezing continent is indeed a stage for mystery and all sorts of conspiracies.

But every now and then we have new reports of strange phenomena happening there and photographic evidence of strange land anomalies that could very well be ancient structures buried in the ice.

Recently a mysterious staircase was spotted via satellite, with many truthers pointing that it’s probably a long lost pyramid or temple, perhaps from the mythical Atlantis.

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