Dutch Govt Launches ‘Great Reset’ With Farmer Buyout Scheme As Thousands Face Shut Down

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Dutch farmers

The Dutch government has launched its long-anticipated Great Reset-style farmer buyout scheme.

Last month the EU gave the Netherlands the go-ahead to start buying out thousands of farmers’ businesses in a bid to meet the European Union mandate on climate goals.

The scheme, which was launched on Monday, could potentially see upwards of ten thousand farms shut down forever to fall in line with the EU’s green agenda..

Breitbart report: Following years of political wrangling, the government of The Netherlands has launched its programme for buying out farms that do not comply with the EU’s Natura 2000 scheme supposedly meant to protect environmentally sensitive areas.

The buyout programme will initially impact approximately 3,000 privately-owned farms which are deemed to emit too much nitrogen.

Starting next month, farmers will be able to apply for a buyout, which will be set at 120 per cent of the farm’s value. In addition to the top nitrogen emitters, the government will also offer buyouts for dairy, pig and poultry farmers to shut down in exchange for a payout of 100 per cent of their farm’s value. It is expected that some 8,000 farmers will be eligible for the second scheme, Dutch public broadcaster NOS reports.

In total, the government has allocated 1.4 billion euros to cover the two programmes. The buyout scheme, which will last until next April, will remain voluntary for now, however, the Dutch government has previously suggested that if uptake is not high enough it may be forced to impose mandatory buyouts.

The farmers’ group Agractie expressed concern over the launch, saying that while a website has been opened to allow farmers to see if they are eligible for a buyout, the other options, such as reducing emissions, are not currently explained, meaning that farmers cannot accurately judge which direction to take.

The move to shut down potentially thousands of farms in The Netherlands, despite the ongoing food crisis, could have a significant impact further afield given the country’s status as Europe’s largest exporter of meat and one of the largest dairy exporters in the world.

There has been widespread rejection of the government’s green agenda, however, with farmers launching large-scale tractor protests across the country over the past two years, which have shut down highways and critical infrastructure.

The resentment against the globalist government also saw the populist Farmer–Citizen Movement (BBB) sweep to victory in the Senate and local elections earlier this year, becoming the largest party in the country after previously holding zero seats. Yet, the neo-liberal coalition government of Prime Minister Mark Rutte was able to cobble together enough support to remain in power for the time being.

Some farmers have already expressed that they have no intention of participating in the buyout scheme and plan to hold on to their property. One dairy and poultry farmer Elton van Ginkel told the Nieuwsuur current affairs programme: “Over my dead body. I’ll move on, even if it’s with two cows.”


  1. You have to understand dairy farming was a very easy life A couple of hours milking in the morning and again 8n the evening and income about3- 4 times the average .Pig farmings a pushover Friending fruit and vegs is dead easy too Sheep are a bother needing shearing but that’s only once a year.
    Farming s the best life especially dairy or horse stud bull stud .Great income plenty if free time if you want it and your own boss.
    People don’t want to swap that for anything except a holiday .

  2. Bankrupt them.
    Buy them out.
    Slaughter the livestock.
    Shut down the farms.

    Next step:

    Prepare the mass graves.

  3. The Netherlands is a Trial Run for the United States.
    This means Starvation, and not “food Insecurity.”
    The cause of this is because of the Selection of the Democrats and the Republicans.

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