Elon Musk Invited To Testify Before UK Parliament On His Plans For Twitter

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The UK Parliament has summoned tech magnate Elon Musk to discuss his plans for Twitter with British MP’s

The Tesla CEO has been called to give testimony about his planned $44 billion purchase of Twitter, with lawmakers wanting him to detail his vision for the social media giant.

Is the UK government worried about the future of ‘free speech’ on the platfom? If so, they are not alone as vaccine and climate change activist Bill Gates has already voiced his concerns over the possibity that Musk could make ‘misinformation’ online worse.

RT reports: The request was made public early on Wednesday morning by MP Julian Knight, who chairs the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee. Writing in a letter dated April 29, Knight said the appearance would give Musk a chance to discuss his plans for the platform “in more depth.”

“My committee has noted your proposed acquisition of Twitter and we are interested in the developments you propose,” the letter said, adding: “I know you have expressed your wish that critics remain on Twitter and this may present an opportunity to address any critiques in public.”

In a separate statement, Knight went on to say that lawmakers are “keen to learn more about how Mr. Musk will balance his clear commitment to free speech with new obligations to protect Twitter’s users from online harms.”

Musk told the Associated Press that while he is “honored” by the invitation, “it would be premature at this time to accept” given that Twitter’s shareholders have not yet voted to approve the multi-billion-dollar deal.

Knight’s letter comes as British MPs review “online safety” legislation that would give regulators sweeping powers to clamp down on social media and other internet platforms. The bill contains a measure that would force larger sites to allow users to verify their identities and provide them the choice of avoiding interactions with unverified accounts. 

Musk has previously stated that he would like Twitter to “authenticate all humans,” though he did not elaborate on how that might be done.


    • He’s the wealthiest man on the planet so I doubt they will be able to bully him into anything. They haven’t so far been able to. Get some popcorn, this should be fun.

      • The Walton are the wealthiest family according to Google But you can’t trust anything on the Internet anymore They’ve made sue that it’s packed full of lies They’ve packed it
        And elons supposed to be worth 250 billion buts that’s in total, THEY SAY, not me, which would mean 44 billion in cash would be a major chunk of his liquidity so not something he would just buy in a whim or impulse.

  1. Why is it Mr. Musk’s job to “protect users from online harms” and what the heck kind of harms could anyone come to online?
    I woke up in cuckoo land this morning.

  2. Were any of the previous owners or buyers of any other big companies ever asked to “testify” on what they plan to do with that company? Hmmm…

    • Anyone buying media usually needs a, licence Any TV or newspaper magazine bit the I ternet had HAD not been legislated to that extent before But yes its normal for media. Not usually to testify but usually media owners don’t shout from the rooftops that thrute going to do the exact thi g they know the law doesn’t want.,

      • It’s like a brothel owner orcescort agency buyer have to go and prove that they are a fit and proper person to own that business and rhem pay a hefty licence fee to the state government to operate their business. And be regularly checked on by the cops to ensure they’re behaving themselves. It’s the same with TV stations and radio and Hollywood etc etc Sony Arista whatever.

  3. LIKE OK we are going to keep ripping everyone off still OK? and we will own everything they say and back date anything that makes money so we own it with our puppets just like we did with the beatles and hazed jimmy haze with prince DOA&DOA dubbrerly hazed to deaths

    • And I’d like to know why twitters worth 44 billion dollars It makes nothing, produces nothing, its just gossip, people sending stupid messages. It’s nothing. I don’t believe for 1 second that valuation is legitimate. I’m sure twitters really not what it seems and has something going on that we know nothing about. I doubt it’s ad revenue is worth 44 billion.

  4. Historically, unless Musks a fraud a d deceiver or a naive unassuming idiot, their invitations reminiscent if the Pope’s invitation to Martin Luther to come and testify as to his intentions in defying the Authority of the Church. Usually that invitation had a high probaviry of ending in a fiery demise or a grisly torturous extermination.
    But since, I’m quite sure they set him up because they wanted an excuse to to carry on with their health care schemes of eliminating the sick and diseases thi King disagreeable, as usual, then they let him “get away” with a clean slate saying he knew the Bible too well to be defeated or caught out.
    But with Musk I’m pretty sure he’s neither naive nor stupid and it’s all a show piece to deceive the world. Another Theyre everywhere In fact they are the news.

  5. It’s actually a wake up call to the extent of brainwashing by constant relentless bashing every day withoafs of crap that anyone a ywhere would think for 1 SECOND that of course, its all a big fraud show There is no way Musk would think he could do whatever he liked and every journalist spinning that rhetoric is either dumb as it or just downright dishonest.
    But it PROVES how we all get sucked into their load of it Everyday just by their mental abuse. Bashing and bashing is on the heads from cradle to grave with their filthy lies and deceits.

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