European Space Agency’s Vision For 3-D Printed Moon Base – Video

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Apollo 17 was the last manned mission to the moon, back in 1972.

The European Space Agency, or ESA, is interested in establishing a permanent human base on the moon and recently released their concept for the construction of the habitat.

Their plan is to use three dimensional printing technology to build the base from lunar soil, or moon dust mixed with printing material.

Living conditions on the moon aren’t ideal for human inhabitants, so the moon base would have to withstand radiation, extreme temperature changes, and the possible threat of meteorites impacting the structure.

The ESA has worked with architects from Foster and Partners to develop the project and create a video outlining the plan for the moon base.

According to the video, an unmanned moon shuttle carrying a robot, along with a robot controlled three dimensional printer, and an inflatable dome would land on the surface of the moon in order to build a base that humans could live in.

Although the project is still currently in the planning phase, according to the ESA, the base could be ready for up to four astronauts just three months after the robot lands on the surface of the moon.

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