Fact Checker Orders NewsPunch To Report That ‘The Great Reset’ Is “Entirely Unremarkable” – Or Face Censorship

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Fact checker orders NewsPunch to inform readers that the Great Reset is not a conspiracy

One of Facebook’s fact-checkers sent another ultimatum to News Punch on Thursday: tell our readers that ‘The Great Reset’ is “entirely unremarkable”, or face being severely censored on social media. 

Yes, really.

In a series of shocking emails from Logically.ai, one of Facebook’s designated fact-checkers tasked with deciding what users can and can’t see online, the following ultimatum was given to us:

Dear Sean,
I’ve been forwarded your correspondence with my colleagues regarding our fact check on your post about The Great Reset, posted on the Newspunch Facebook page.

I note that your content slug as it appears on your page still contains ‘own nothing and be happy’. However, the principal reason that the post will continue to merit a ‘missing context’ label is that your post gives no information as to what the Great Reset is, encouraging your readers free to draw wildly inaccurate conclusions from the information given. A brief glance at the comments below your post confirms that this is in fact the case.

Yours sincerely,

Al Baker

The article Al Baker, the managing editor for Logically, is referring to is a 22nd December story we published entitled, “Gov’t Doc Mentions ‘The Great Reset’.

The article in question simply reports on the fact that The World Economic Forum (WEF) released a letter the previous week which mentioned the ‘Great Reset.’ This is a verifiable fact. Nobody is disputing this.

However, despite the article being entirely factually accurate, on Wednesday Logically.ai decided to mark our story as “missing context“, causing our article to display the following warning when users tried to share it:

NewsPunch responded to Logically, asking why we were being held responsible for what readers might infer from a factually correct article. Their response was breathtaking :

Dear Sean,

As a news media outlet, you are responsible not only for ensuring that your readers have accurate information, but also that they have all the context necessary to understand why that information is important or interesting. If you believe that you can only be held responsible for what you say explicitly, and not for what you obviously imply, I can only tell you that not many other journalists would agree with you.

If a UK news outlet printed the headline ‘The Queen is Dead’, failing to mention that the Queen in question was Margrethe II of Denmark, that outlet would be responsible for the confusion of its readers. You have published that ‘The Great Reset’ was mentioned in a Government document, without mentioning that this is entirely unremarkable (which in my view it is), nor offering any reason to think otherwise.


Why is one of Facebook’s arbiters of truth threatening to hold us responsible for what we don’t say?

Fact Checker Threatens News Punch: ‘Remove Your Article Exposing Us OR ELSE!’

Suffice to say, we will NOT be bullied into publishing propaganda on behalf of the fact-checkers to our readers. We will continue to expose these Big Tech bullies so the public can see how truly insidious the fact-checking business really is.