Fauci: It’s a Matter of ‘When, Not If’ the Definition Of Fully Vaccinated Will Mean Three Jabs

Fact checked

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that changing the definition of fully vaccinated to include booster shots is a matter of “when, not if.”

During CNN’s “At This Hour” on Wednesday, Fauci said the term fully vaccinated is merely a “technical, almost semantic definition,” calling it a description of requirements related to things such as attending classes or working in a workplace.

Breitbart reports: Bolduan said, “Pfizer’s chief scientific officer said this morning on CNN that he thinks fully vaccinated against Omicron, it means three doses. Do you think the definition of fully vaccinated should now change?”

Fauci said, “Well, you know, as you say, it’s a technical, almost semantic definition. And it is the definition for requirements if someone says, are you fully vaccinated to be able to attend class in a university or college or be able to work in a workplace? Right now, Kate, I don’t see that changing tomorrow or this week, or next week. But certainly, when you want to talk about optimal protection, I don’t think anyone would argue that optimal protection is with a third shot. Whether or not it officially gets changed in the definition, I think that will be considered literally on a daily basis. That’s always on the table.”

Bolduan said, “This discussion has been going on for a bit. With this data coming in this morning, I’m kind of stuck with is it a matter now of when, not if, the definition of fully vaccinated changes?”

Fauci said, “My own personal opinion, Kate, is what you said is correct. It’s going to be a matter of when, not if.”


    • We don’t need any of it Natural immunity will protect everyone except people who are about to die any day anyway or those whose long term prognosis is highly risky.
      We do not all need to have our immune systems genetically modified in order to protect a minority of people with little chance for any longevity anyway.

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